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Elektorized LEGO™ LED Kit (150244-71)

LEGO LED PCB Kit (150244-71)

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The LEGO™ LED circuit board is a small PCB compatible with the famous bricks from Denmark that can hold an LED, a current limiting resistor and an optional connector. It is great for adding lighting effects to your constructions. Furthermore, it is 100% customizable.

This kit contains 10 circuit boards, 10 LEDs of different color (red, green, yellow, blue and white, two of each color), 10 current limiting resistors of 390 ohms (good for 5 V power) and 10 current limiting resistors of 820 ohms (good for 9 V power). A 9 V battery clip is in the kit too.

Elektor labs website

SKU 17236
Manufacturer Elektor Labs
Editorial Number 150244-71

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