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LED-Basic-Pico Starter Set Clock

Complete set for setting up a high-precision 7-segment watch with 6 digits.

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Scope of delivery

  • PICO base module
  • PICO Beeper/Buzzer Module
  • PICO display 6 module
  • RTC/EEPROM module
  • Plug-in board 85 x 55 mm
  • Sufficient number of connecting
  • Matching pin headers (not soldered
  • Micro-USB cable

LED-BASIC-PICO is based on a Mini-LED-BASIC-Controller with a powerful STM32-Controller with 48MHz clock frequency. Despite its small size, many peripheral devices are supported and up to 64 WS2812 LEDs can be controlled directly. Many sensor, input and output modules are available. All are directly plug-in board compatible and can be easily wired to each other.  LED-BASIC-PICO can be easily programmed via the LED-BASIC user interface and thus many different applications can be easily implemented.  

SKU 18827
Manufacturer Diamex

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