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Download your digital copy of Elektor's January 2010 edition in pdf format here. On completion of your purchase a link to your download is instantly available in your account. With this pdf edition of the magazine, you enter the world of Elektor quickly and easily using your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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Table of Contents Elektor January 2010

  • All-Analogue Design Tips
  • ATM18 Logic Analyzer
    for deft data acquisition
  • Dimmer with a Micro
    For incandescent and halogen lamps up to 300 watts
  • Elektor CO2 Meter Mk. 2
    E-Labs Inside
  • Elektor Foundation Award 2009
    prizes for people with a passion
  • Fourier Analysis using LTspice & Excel
    Frequency & time domain analysis made easy
  • Hexadoku January 2010
    Puzzle with an electronics touch
  • Indoor / outdoor thermometer + Temperature stabilisation + Keep it warm
    Design Tips
  • Linux Symposium
    E-Labs Inside
  • MIAC for Home Automation
    The CAN bus at home
  • My First AVR-USB
    Low cost and step by step
  • On the Buses
    Alternatives to USB and I2C
  • PCB-DIY All the Way
    Elektor Stencil Machine and Pick&Place Tool
  • Put a Stop to Throwawayism!
    A visit to Helmut Singer Elektronik
  • Router + Wireless Doorbell = Alarm System!
    Inspired electronic recycling truly rings the bell
  • There’s More to Life than just USB!
    how to connect your own project to a PC
  • USB is cool/sucks*
    * (cross out as applicable)
  • USB Magic Eye
    Valve indicates CPU load
  • Vacuum Pump
    improve the quality of your homebrew PCBs
SKU ED-0397
Language English
Issue Number UK397
ISSN 1757-0875
Publication Medium Digital
Number of Projects open
Pages 88
Manufacturer Elektor Digital

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