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J²B Synthesizer (140182-91)

J²B Synthesizer (140182-91)
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The J²B Synthesizer is a 9-bit monophonic music synthesizer that is fully controllable over MIDI, producing original sounds with a bite.

The J²B Synthesizer is inspired by the Atmegatron from Soulsby Synthesizers, but based on a powerful 32-bits LPC1347 ARM Cortex-M0+ procesor. The software is written in C as a well-documented open source Eclipse/LPCXpresso project that can be modified at will. Programming new firmware is as simple as copying a file to a USB thumb drive.

Eight rotary encoders with integrated pushbutton are available for controlling parameters like waveform (32), filter type (15), filter cut-off, filter resonance, filter and amplitude envelopes (attack, decay, sustain, release), LFO speed and waveform, arpeggio speed and pattern, distorsion, phaser, PWM control, portamento and bit crusher. Two of these encoders control function select and value settings, the other six are meant for live modification of selected parameters like pitch bend, resonance, filter cut-off, LFO, distorsion. A 2x16 character LCD provides clear information on its settings.

This project is 100% open source and open hardware. All design files, hardware, software, and mechanical, are available free of charge.

  • Monophonic 9-bit synthesizer
  • 32 waveforms + user defined
  • 15 filter types
  • 2 envelope generators
  • LFO with 16 waveforms
  • 15-pattern arpeggiator
  • 16 patch memories
  • 6 live controls
  • MIDI
  • Patch saving/loading over MIDI
  • NXP LPC1347 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller
  • 2 output channels
  • Open Source & Open Hardware design

How to change the firmware easily


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SKU 16814
Manufacturer Elektor Labs
PCB Number 140182-91

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