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Internet board (EB023)

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Based on the W3100A hardwired TCP/IP stack chip from WizNET, this E-blocks board adds Ethernet functionality to an existing microprocessor based system without the necessity of developing the TCP/IP software stack. As well as the Ethernet protocol the module supports 10/100 connection and a number of protocols including UDP, IP, ARP, ICMP, DCHP, ARP, DLC and MAC. The unit interfaces to a microprocessor using I�C serial communication. The patch jumpers on the board allow more than one Ethernet module to be connected to the I�C bus. Flowcode macros for this E-block are available in the Professional version of Flowcode.

  • Flexible internet development board
  • Facilitates web page design and email functions
  • Flowcode macros available
  • Suitable for teaching and learning web based communications technology
SKU 13974
Matrix Number EB023
Manufacturer Matrix TSL
Type Board

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