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Arduino Interfacing Screw Shield

Arduino Interfacing Screw Shield
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The Arduino is a flexible microcontroller development board that you can do a lot  with, but for many of the projects in the book IoT Gets U Going, the Arduino’s inputs and outputs aren’t strong enough. They supply too little current, or cannot handle or output high enough voltages. For this reason, we make use of the Interfacing Screw Shield (ISS) for the Arduino.

This shield has the following features:

• DC power input of up to 15 volts

• An analog input with a seamless gain of between 1× and 101×

• Input via a calibration potentiometer

• 6 outputs that deliver a combined total of up to 500 mA and, if required, up to 6 different voltages, each of between 0 V and 50 V (switched to ground)

• 21 screw terminals so that permanent, soldered connections are not required

• 4 pass-through pin headers, which allow additional shields to be stacked on top of it

• Wider than a normal shield, so the screw terminals and potentiometers are always accessible, even if additional shields are stacked on top of it

For Internet of Things (IoT) applications, the Interface Screw Shield is an essential shield for your Arduino.


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SKU 16628
Manufacturer Elektor Labs
PCB Number 149014-91

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