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Impedance Analyzer Extension Board for STEMlab (Red Pitaya)

With this extension board you can make measurements with STEMlabs’ impedance analyzer (LCR meter) without the complication of connecting the shunt resistor. The board selects the right shunt resistor from an array of available values for creating most acurate measurements.

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The extension board data connection is managed over I²C interface. Galvanic isolation is provided with relays soldered in the center of the board.

Included in the box:
Extension board
• Flat cable - for connection to Red Pitaya
• SMA cables for connectiong signal lines to Red Pitaya
• BNC Probe for connecting your device under test (DUT)

Please note: there is no STEMlab (Red Pitaya) included with this extension!

SKU 17435
Manufacturer Red Pitaya


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