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Grove Speech recognizer Kit for Arduino

Grove Speech Recognizer Kit for Arduino
The perfect starter kit, if you want to build your very own voice-controlled multimedia smart-home and intergrade the lights, an MP3 player or even a smart TV.

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Grove Speech Recognizer Kit for Arduino


  • 1 x Base Shield to use more Grove modules simultaneously and easily
  • 1 x Grove - Speech Recognizer to recognize 22 specific speech commands
  • 1 x Grove - MP3 v2.0 to play music or different sound files
  • 1 x Grove - RTC to record the current time for your smart device
  • 1 x Grove - Infrared Receiver to detect infrared light
  • 1 x Grove - Infrared Emitter to emit infrared light which can be a signal for a control system
  • 5 x Cable
  • 1 x Manual to make a brief introduction to all the modules included in this kit
SKU 18545
Manufacturer Seeedstudio

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