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Experimenting with the MSP430 (080558-91)

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Together with Rotterdam s Technical College Elektor developed a low-cost development system that should appeal to those of you just starting out into microcontroller land. The basis of the system is the MSP-eZ430 USB-stick from Texas Instruments, a chip graced by a free development platform and a programming language (C). The associated experimenter�s board easily accommodates the hardware for the project examples like a buzzer, a 7-segment display, some LEDs and pushbuttons.

� Experimenter�s board with several I/O possibilities

� Powerful 16-bit MSP430F2012 controller running at 16 MHz, 2 KB Flash and 128 bytes RAM

� 4 indicator LEDs

� 7-segment display

� Piezo buzzer

� Three pushbuttons

� I2C/SPI connector

� Powered via the USB stick or an external adapter

SKU 14828
Manufacturer Elektor Labs
Editorial Number 080558-91

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