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Embedded Linux Made Easy (120026-91)

Embedded Linux Made Easy (120026-91)
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Replaced by GNUBLIN LAN 32MB.

Today Linux can be found running on all sorts of devices, even coffee machines. Many electronics enthusiasts will be keen to use Linux as the basis of a new microcontroller project, but the apparent complexity of the operating system and the high price of development boards has been a hurdle. Here Elektor solves both these problems, with a beginners� course accompanied by a compact and inexpensive circuit board.


Features of the Elektor Linux board:

� Two-layer board using readily-available components

� No special debugging or programming hardware required

� Fully bootable from an SD memory card

� Linux pre-installed

� 180 MHz, 32 MB RAM, 64 MB swap

� Integrated USB-to-RS-232 converter for console access

� Relay, external power supply, and pushbuttons for quick testing

� Four GPIO pins, 3 A/D channels and a PWM channel on-board

� I�C and SPI buses accessible from Linux

� USB interface for further expansion


Also available: Elektor Linux Board Extension

This extension board was developed to further propel our Embedded Linux series of articles and the matching Embedded Linux board. It has a display, buttons, a real time clock and 16 GPIOs. Linux devotees, switch on your solder irons. The Linux extension board includes everything needed to provide the user interface for a wide variety of projects!


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SKU 15564
Manufacturer Elektor Labs
PCB Number 120026-91

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