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Elektor Magazine November 2012 (EN)

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The printed version of your favorite magazine.


Table of Contents Elektor November 2012

  • A Library for the ElektorBus
    The fast track to your own bus firmware
  • Arduino on Course (3a)
    Part 3a: Connect the physical world to your Android phone
  • Beep-beep-beep, who’s there?
    E-Labs Inside section
  • Budget Rigol Spectrum Analyser
    E-Labs Inside section
  • Electrical Storm Proximity Measurement
    Using simple narrowband RF technique
  • Electricity Meter on the Web
    An openEnergy, openSource gateway for S0-type power meters
  • Electronics for Starters (9)
    Part 9: Sine-wave oscillators
  • Embedded Linux Made Easy (5)
    Part 5: I/O, ADC, PWM, LAN & Web server
  • Farewell 7805 & 7905
    Switch-mode replacements do a much better job
  • Fighting Authority
    Gerard's Columns
  • Hexadoku, November 2012
    Puzzle with an electronics touch
  • HP-35: A Pocket Revolution (1972)
    Retronics section
  • ICL78M6610+PSU & ADE7953 AFE ICs
    Component Tips
  • Nixie VU Meter
    A warm & retro power indicator for the tube amp
  • SDN – Software Defined NIC
    Microcontroller ethernet card
  • USB Weather Logger Time-synched
  • Welcome in Elektor Labs!
SKU EP-0431
Language English
Issue Number UK431
ISSN ISSN 1757-0875
Publication Medium Paper
Pages 88

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