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Elektor Magazine November 2010 (EN)

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The printed version of your favorite magazine.


Table of Contents Elektor November 2010

  • Camera Interval Timer
    With infrared remote control
  • Chauvin-Arnoux MD7 Precision Astatic Wattmeter
    Retronics series
  • Designing and Making Basic Antennas
    based on dipoles and monopoles
  • Hexadoku November 2010
    Puzzle with an electronics touch
  • Image Processing Made Easy
    Motion detection with a webcam
  • Introducing mbed
    nxp mbed design challenge
  • JTAG Live Buzz
    E-LABS INSIDE section
  • LED remote control for RC models
    Design Tip
  • Light Tracker
  • Micro Fuel Cell Measures Oxygen Concentration
    Portable oxygen meter using the Minimod18
  • Portable Energy
    For cell phone, iPod and co.
  • Rapid Prototyping
    E-LABS INSIDE section
  • Sensorless Motor Speed Measurement
    A new method based on current monitoring
  • Simple IR remote control tester
    Design Tip
  • Talk Show, display what you say
  • The 5532 OpAmplifier, part 2
    Construction, bridged operation and test results
  • UniLab Duo
    2 x 0–30 V 3 A bench PSU
  • USB port from a 9-pin Sub-D connector
    E-LABS INSIDE section
  • What's That in the Air?
    Real-time gas measurements with special sensors
  • Wireless Instrumentation Network
    Measuring with Arduino and XBee
SKU EP-0407
Language English
Issue Number UK407
ISSN 1757-0875
Publication Medium Paper
Pages 88

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