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Elektor Magazine July/August 2012 (EN)

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Table of Contents Elektor July/August 2012

  • ‘Green’ Solar Lamp
  • 16 Ways to Switch your AC Power On
  • A Zero Current Switch
    For inductive Loads
  • Arduino LC’Deed
    Control a display using a (virtual) serial port
  • Arduino on Course (1a)
    Part 1a: Welcome & Arduino 8-bit sound generation
  • ATtiny Goes Wireless
  • AVR MultiTool
    Measure, control, experiment
  • Battery Maintainer
  • Bicycle Rear Light
    one super LED and 10 components last 5 minutes
  • Bulb-2-LED Bicycle Light Conversion
  • Chateau Rising Damp
    An ATM18 hygrometer
  • DC Protection for Speakers
  • Economical 7-segment Display
  • Elex Board Layout in LochMaster
  • Equipment ‘ON’ Counter for 68 Years Max.
  • EUC Penta-Hexadoku
    Puzzle with an electronics touch
  • EZ-SMD OpAmp Tweaker Board
  • FET Radiation Meter
  • Gee Whiz, a GPIB-to USB Converter
    $50 interface circuit brings 80s/90s edebris to life
  • Goodbye Standby
  • I’ve Got the USB Power
    But how much in milliamps?
  • Knitting Counter
  • Laser Projection with Arduino
  • LC Oscillator with Pot Tuning
  • LED Garland Controller
    All the colours of the rainbow
  • LED-LDR Ring Oscillator
  • Lengths Counter for Swimmers
    An example application using speech synthesis, an accelerometer, and a magnetometer
  • Loudspeaker Resonant Frequency Meter
    For laptop or PC
  • Mini Stroboscope
  • Mini-Mute
    Kill noisy TV commercials with one stroke
  • MOSFET Circuit Breaker
  • Noisy LEDs
    Simple generation of complex sound effects
  • One-transistor Voltage Converter
  • OPA660: Diamonds are not forever
    Component Tips series
  • Power LED Driver
  • Pt100 Simulator
  • Room for a Small One?
  • Same PCB Shoots Again!
    A thermometer with an unusual readout
  • Shoo Heron!
    Outsmart a clever bird
  • Smoke Alarm Power Supply
    Simply but effective
  • Soft AC Line Start
  • TAPIR Sniffs it Out!
    Ultrasensitive wideband E-smog detector
  • The Maze of the Lost Electronics Technician
  • The Renesas RL78 Ecosystem
    Design with the power of partnership
  • Tiny Compass
  • Two-Transistor Regenerative Receiver
  • Universal Measurement Amplifier / Attenuator
    For laptop or PC
  • USB Control Board
    USB-to-LPT bidirectional adapter
  • Voltage Inverter using a 555
SKU EP-0427/428
Language English
Issue Number UK427/428
ISSN ISSN 1757-0875
Publication Medium Paper
Pages 148

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