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Elektor magazine January/February 2013 (EN)

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Table of Contents Elektor January/February 2013

  • 13-IN-A-BOX
    A handy multitester concept
  • 2-wire interface version 2.0
    Now with less current!
  • A Striking Digital Clock
    Cuckoo or chime?
  • Arduino on Course (4)
    A plant watering supervisor for communal use
  • Audio Streamer, testing one two
    Reviewed in Elektor dot Labs
  • Aviation Band Antenna
    Ideal for the 108–137 MHz scanner
  • Aviation Scanner
    Portable scanner with USB interface
  • Capacitive Proximity Switch
    Switching without wear
  • Caught in the Ring Light
    LED Ring Light for close-up camera work
  • Elektor World
  • Embedded Linux Made Easy (7)
    I2C, serial ports and RS485
  • Frontline breaking news
    What's up in Elektor Labs?
  • HangTux
    Hangman game on the Elektor Embedded Linux board
  • Hexadoku 1301
  • Humidity sensor
    Handy for in the bathroom
  • Inrush current limiter
  • Kiddies Toothbrush Timer
  • MIC502 and MAX6643 Fan-Speed Controllers
    Raymond's pick of the month
  • Open Source Hardware
    Tech The Future section
  • Philips PR9103 Portable Stroboscope (1956)
    No disco — no flash in the pan
  • Realistic LED Candle
    With adjustable flame color and wind sensor
  • Rechargeable Battery Checker
    Measure capacity by controlled discharge
  • Renesas RL78 Green Challenge Winners Announcement
  • Simple On-bike Power Supply
    5 V from muscle power
  • Taming the Beast (2)
    How to build an LED blinker with 250 Kgates
  • The 7-uP Alarm Clock / Time-Switch (1)
  • Toroid cutting
  • Tropical or Arctic?
    No Sweat! This Temp. & RH Meter logs it all
  • USB Current Unlimited… the sequel
SKU EP-0433/434
Language English
Issue Number UK433/434
ISSN 1757-0875
Publication Medium Paper
Pages 132

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