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Elektor Magazine EN November/December 2017

The printed November & December 2017 edition of your favorite electronics magazine. 132 Pages of inspiring DIY electronics: DIY Kitchen Scale, RPi Internet Radio, Weather Display, Spy Camera Detector and lot's more!

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  • How to Charge a Battery
    Varieties of rechargeable batteries and their charging strategies
  • Magnetic Memory
    Peculiar Parts, the series
  • Data Sniffer 2.0 for Märklin Digital
    Model railway pulse packets with a PC
  • FPGA-DSP Board for Narrowband SDR
    Part 3: microcontroller board
  • Failed Fuse Indicator
  • Traffic Signals for Model Railroads
    Programming with ladder diagrams
  • Function Generator Shootout
    Three pro products compared
  • Volume Control for RPi Audio DAC
    loud and quiet in high quality
  • Temi
    A meteorological marionette
  • Mini Oscilloscope
    Display your signals without breaking the bank
  • Elektor Labs Pipeline
  • Spiral MicroTesla
    sparks from a USB charger
  • HomeLab Helicopter
  • DIY MC Element
    Impossible? Of course not!
  • Tips and Tricks
    From readers for readers
  • Comparing Raspberries and Oranges
    A good-value allrounder
  • Ultimate Bugblaster
    No more flabby flyswatters
  • Weather Display
    Visualize current weather data on an LC display
  • Spy Camera Detector
    Reflections give away the position
  • Q & A
    (almost) everything you ever wanted to know about... connectors for video, HF and test equipment
  • DIY Kitchen Scale
    Weigh up to 49.05 kg∙m/s^2 with Arduino
  • Hoverboard: Under The Hood
    Reverse-engineering a fun product
  • Raspberry Pi Internet Radio
    Tune in and chill out
  • Err-lectronics
    Corrections, Updates and Feedback to published projects
  • LEDitron Scoreboard
    With discrete 7 segment displays
  • The Wang 320SE: a Time-sharing Calculator (ca. 1970)
    Discrete transistors, core memory, and log-based math… far out!

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Language English
Pages 132

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