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Elektor Magazine EN November/December 2016

The printed November & December 2016 edition of your favorite electronics magazine. 132 Pages of inspiring DIY electronics! Wireless Power Converter, Climate Controller, Bluetooth Controlled Relays, Door Spy using Raspberry Pi, SmartScope Maker Kit, and Lots More!

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• Bandgap Reference
Peculiar Parts, the series
• PCB Integration of Magnetic Components
• E-paper
Is it The Future of Displays?
• Vacuum Florescent Displays
Peculiar Parts, the series
• PIC Assembler Crash Course 2.3
I2C and SPI communication
• Tips & Tricks
From readers for readers
• Q & A
(almost) everything you ever wanted to know about... CAD
• Industry 4.0 from the Perspective of a Semiconductor Manufacturer

• Programmable LED Circle
Arduino compatible
• Elektor mbed Interface
CoCo-ri-Co in the cloud
• Elektor SDR Reloaded (3)
Antennas for the SDR Shield
• Internet radio with fluorescent display (1)
Modern technology with a traditional look
• Climate Controller
Measures temperature and/or humidity
• Simple Class-A Amplifier with an LM317
• Door Spy using Raspberry Pi
Communicate with a visitor using your smartphone
• Using E-paper with the Arduino
A sketch for the EPA20-A
• Sensors Make Sense (1)
For Arduino et al.
• Wireless Power Converter
Convey 50 watts through the air
• Return of the Wi-Fi Controller Board
www-connect objects to your smartphone
• Voltage Tracker for Oscilloscope
Slow-timebase measurements on your oscilloscope using an Arduino shield
• Bluetooth Controlled Relays
with Android App to go
• Capacitive Liquid Detection
With the help of Arduino
• Minuscule MEMS Microphone
for the Bat DetectorPLUS
• SmartScope Maker Kit
Open-source platform for FPGA development
• Err-lectronics
Corrections, Updates and Feedback to published articles

• Anaren Bluetooth Smart Development Kit
• Elektor 36 Years Ago
December 1980: Canned Circuits
• Elektor Labs Pipeline

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