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Elektor Magazine November/December 2015 (EN)

The printed November & December 2015 edition of your favorite electronics magazine. 132 Pages of inspiring DIY electronics!

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In this edition:

7 Labs Projects, 3 Reader’s Projects, 4 Courses, 6 New Modules & PCBs, 2 Reviews and lots more!


  • Tips and Tricks 
  • From 8 to 32 bits: ARM Microcontrollers for Beginners (6) 
    The SPI bus
  • DesignSpark Mechanical CAD Tips & Tricks (3) 
    Add a Bill of Materials
  • PIC® Assembler Crash Course 
    (3) PIC replacement for 555 timer
  • Coax Connectors 
    Peculiar Parts, the series
  • An Analog Robot 
    From concept to construction
  • Windows on the Raspberry Pi (1) 
    Installation and first programs
  • LED Driver with High PF and Ultra Wide Output Voltage 


  • Compact USB to Serial Converter
    Using the FT232H
  • Android I/O Board (2)
    Control embedded electronics from your Android phone or tablet
  • ARM’ed T-Board
    Here’s Cortex-M0+ 32-bit power
  • Compact 60-watt Amplifier
    Cheap & cheerful design packs a punch
  • DDS Function Generator
  • BL600 e-BoB (5) Part 5 Bluetooth Low Energy Module
    - SPI port & digital/analog converter - Android application
    An instrument for audiophile speaker builders
  • Enhanced FM Stereo on Red Pitaya 
    Advanced instrumentation platform ‘on the air’
  • Two Arms for the ARM
    Extend the versatility of the SAM D20 Board
  • Digital Zoetrope
    Old & new united
  • ARM CMSIS Developer Competition
    The winners!


  • Rohde & Schwarz HMC8043 PSU Review and Teardown
    A new 3-channel 100-watt power supply — how does it stack up?
  • Rise of the Drones
    A few remarkable designs
  • Bullheaded Buck-converter
    That's what it normally does!?
  • Dot Labs Is Dee I Wye
  • The Tefifon Grooved-Tape Recorder
    Retronics section
  • MLX90393 software-defined 3-axis magnetometer

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