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Elektor Magazine EN May/June 2017 (PDF)

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Get on Board with IoT
• A PSoC BLE Module in a Breadboard-friendly L-board Format
for easy & comfy Bluetooth prototyping
BBC micro:bit for Electronicists
In bed with mbed
Tips and Tricks
Microphone Preamp
with professional specs
Review: Andonstar USB microscope
A helping hand with SMD construction
The I2C Bus (1)
The protocol
Network Connected Signal Analyzer Revisited
Faster, new features and even more easy to use
4-Channel, 2-Flavor Remote Control
with XBee or nRF24 radio modules
HomeLab Helicopter
The Phantastron
Peculiar Parts, the series
IoT Gateway and Wireless Nodes (2)
Part 2: the software
Dimmable Outdoor Lighting
Customizable brightness settings for 12-V LED lamps
Presence Simulator
Discourage the burglars
Android on your RPi (2)
Controlling a display using SPI
Corrections, Updates and Feedback to published articles
Happy 40th Birthday, PET!
Breakthrough BASIC box: no soldering involved!
Q&A Smart Buildings vs. Smart Homes
(almost) everything you wanted to know about...
Analyzing water consumption in smart cities
bringing objects to life
Experimenting with Tesla Coils
Easy to build with just a few components
Elektor Labs Pipeline
PC Watchdog
Automatic reset for remote PCs gone haywire
Windows Controls Arduino (2)
Send data to your smartphone over USB or Bluetooth
Working with the eC-stencil-fix
This is how we built the BME280 sensor board for you
Li-Ion Charger
Do We Need a Robot Law?
Elektor Ethics series

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