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Elektor Magazine May/June 2016 (EN)

The printed May & June 2016 edition of your favorite electronics magazine. 132 Pages of inspiring DIY electronics!

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• Tips and Tricks From readers for readers

• Programmers and Debuggers

Development tools for beginners

• Which ‘Scope?

How to choose the best oscilloscope to buy

• CircuitMaker Tips & Tricks (1)

• Q & A

(Nearly) Everything you always wanted to know about… Printed Circuit Board Planes

• Android Meets Arduino

The Blynk control framework

• Saturable Reactors

Peculiar Parts, the series

• EAGLE Tips & Tricks (3)

Eagle Programs by Example

• Elektor.Labs New Look & feel


• What's wrong with programming?

• i-Pendulum

Part 1 – modeling, control laws, Kalman filter

• New Precise Nixie Clock

A GPS synchronized clock with seconds display

• Network Connected Signal Analyzer (2)

Software and maths are your friends

• 50-W Solar Cell Voltage Regulator

For 12-V lead-acid batteries and 12-15 V solar panels

• The Speaking Sonar Stick

Raspberry Pi + ultrasonics + voice synth = Aid 4 The Blind

• TwinBot

A telepresence electric scooter

• Lego Mindstorms Electricity Monitor


A smart energy monitor

• Visitor Counter for Web Pages

With wireless LCD

• Scrolling Banner for Arduino

with a 16x16 LED matrix

• A GPS Controlled Glider

Flying autonomously

• Yet Another Button Cell Charger

Now feat. Clothes Peg & ATMega328P

• Precision Control for DC Motors

Get the right spin every time!


• Hearty present

• Ceramic versus Tantalum

Advantages and disadvantages of capacitor materials

• What’s Hot at Dot Labs

• Handy Electronics Tips

For repair and design

• Err-lectronics

Corrections, Updates and Feedback to published projects

• Elektor High-Power AF Amplifier (1986)

One kilowatt from 30 years ago

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