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Elektor Magazine EN March/April 2018

Elektor Magazine EN March/April 2018

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Elektor Video Olympics ...
and the winners are...
Universal USB Charge Controller Chip
No microcontroller, just 6 pins
Electromagnetic Interference from LED Lamps
Fourteen examples compared
Tektronix Readout System
Peculiar Parts, the series
DCF77 Emulator with ESP8266
Replace over-air time by Internet time
Switches up to 16 channels
From Russia with Love...
400+ circuits on 400 pages
ESP32 Low Power
Programming the ULP coprocessor
Chimes for the Elektor Sand Clock
Shake, rattle and beep
RF Power Meter
For measurements up to 10 GHz
Q&A: (almost) everything you wanted to know about… Nixie Tubes
Engraving Machines Under Test
Are low-cost laser engravers from China good value for money?
Soft Start for PSU
Be nice to your power supply – and its load
ESP32 Design Contest 2018
Two 32-bit CPUs, a 2.4-GHz radio plus Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
HomeLab Helicopter
Community-powered PCB design
A Cloud in the Shape of a Raspberry
install a cloud in your living room
Readers Tips and Tricks
Data Logger hack
Remote Water Level Meter
For a precious commodity
Platino “Fits-All” Serial Bus Tester
Debug serial comms issues with ease
Low voltage but lots of current… or not?
Powerbank Surprise
Timers for the Wi-Fi Desktop Thermostat
Seven channels with atomic accuracy
A Simple Digital Audio Amplifier
Using a CMOS IC in an analog circuit
Measurement Data Acquisition via USB
For heating system optimization
BASIC and the Embedded World
Set to work with a PICAXE
Current Transformer for Oscilloscopes
Potential-free (floating) measurement using current clamp techniques
Corrections, Updates and Feedback to published articles
HP650A Test Oscillator (ca. 1948)
Retronics series
Internet Censorship during the Catalan Referendum
Elektor Ethics series

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