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Elektor Magazine March/April 2015 (EN)

Elektor Magazine March/April 2015 (EN)


The printed March & April 2015 double edition of your favorite electronics magazine.


The printed March & April 2015 double edition of your favorite electronics magazine.
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In this edition:

6 Labs Projects, 1 Programming Course, 6 New Modules & PCBs, 11 Readers' Projects, 8 Regulars and lots more!


• From 8 to 32 bits: ARM Microcontrollers for Beginners (2)

• Q & A (Almost) Everything You Always Wanted to Know About… Level Shifting

• DesignSpark Tips & Tricks

Day #18: Copper Pours

• MultiSIM Blue

• Klystrons

Weird Component # 12

• Tips and Tricks

From readers for readers

• Say Hello to: Rpi Compute Module

CM + CM IO = Super RPi

• Intel Edison: What Will You Make?


• BL600-eBoB Bluetooth Low Energy communication module

Part 1 Wireless communication on a plate

• Guitar Overdrive

With genuine 'germanium-sound'

• Radio Controlled Multi-Switch

Control 5 switches via 1 channel

• Experimenter’s Transistor Tester

For go/non-go and device gain testing

• CMOS IR Transmitter

CMOS IR Transmitter

• Mole Repellent

• GestIC & 3D Touchpad Workbook (3)

Explore the RPi with the 3D Touchpad

• Elektor ZigTexter Network

• Air-Your-Own DCF77 Time

Authentic date & time code from a microcontroller

• Make C projects with one Click

A ‘Configurator’ for modular software in Atmel Studio

• Security Labels are the Key

Door-entry system using Bascom

• Gyrator-tuned Ferrite Antenna

Potentiometer replaces tuning capacitor

• From Knock Sensor to Stethoscope

• Siphonic Rain Gauge

No moving parts, and compatible with USB Weather Logger

• SD Card Upgrade for the RPi B+

• 350-V Step-Up Converter

High voltage from a 30 V bench power supply

• Ultrasonic Tape Measure

Accurately measure up to 13 ft / 4 m

• Intelligent LED Dimmer

• ARM CMSIS Design Contest

$10,000 for winners plus 400 free developer boards

• What People Want


• Castellations

• HP 400H VTVM Restoration (1)

• Animated Electronics

One animation is worth more than a 1 Kwords

• I have a Dream

• Err-lectronics

Corrections & Updates to published articles

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