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Elektor Magazine EN July/August 2018 (PDF)

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Simple Pitch Follower
Music made easy
Repair to Wi-Fi Card with MHF4 SMD Connector
(almost) everything you wanted to know about… Soldering
Q + A series
Digital Calliper Readout with Platino
Upgrade your lathe
DAB on a Dongle Stick
Free software turns cheap DVB-T USB sticks into DAB radios
Corrections, Updates and Feedback to published articles
Nixie Bargraph Thermometer
High-tech look with a vintage Nixie tube
CAN Bus Debugging Tool
CAN 2GO: easy to use and low-cost
GI AY-3-8500 Video Game IC
Peculiar Parts, the series
Elektor RPi Audio DAC and Volume Control Tweaks & Updates
Thanks all for asking and contributing
Experimental Doppler Radar
or how to build your own speed trap
electronica Fast Forward 2018
electronica Fast Forward 2018 the winning start-up, two years on
Homelab Helicopter
Elektor SDR Shield 2.0 (1)
Reception and tuning with this versatile new device
Stencil Frame for Reflow Soldering
Save money the DIY way
Tips and Tricks
POV Fidget Spinner
Rotating animations
ESP32 Design Contest 2018 – The Winners
Two Scopes and the IoT
measure, inspect, and communicate
Heating Monitor using ESP8266
Keep tabs on your energy usage
Chirpie Chirpie… Cheepit
Microcontroller programming with audio files
Elektor Labs Pipeline
Laser Time Writer
Introduction to Microprocessor Technology with the Kosmos CP1 (1983)
Retronics series
A Zettabyte for Total Control
Elektor Ethics series

SKU ED-0490
Language English
Pages 116
Issue Number 490


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