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Elektor Magazine EN July/August 2017

The printed July & August 2017 edition of your favorite electronics magazine. 132 Pages of inspiring DIY electronics! FPGA-DSP Board, Audio DAC for RPi, The ESP8266's Big Brother and lot's more!

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  • PCB Design is Not Easy 
    The art of laying traces
  • 2-Terminal Dimmer 
    controls LEDs, lamps and heaters
  • RF Step Attenuator 
    Adjustable attenuation gives precise signal levels
  • Audio DAC for Raspberry Pi 
    A network audio player with Volumio
  • BBC micro:bit for Electronicists (2) 
    Data acquisition and oscilloscope functions
  • Sea Murmur Simulator 
    Gentle noise to help you go to sleep
  • The I2C Bus 
    Part 2: using the bus with a microcontroller
  • PCBs — Printed, not Etched 
    Presenting the Voltera V-One PCB printer and reflow soldering station
  • nWatch, a Wearable Development System 
    or how to build your own smart watch
  • HomeLab Helicopter 
  • Get 5 V from One Exhausted Alkaline Cell 
    Juice it to the max
  • Vacuum Tube Curve Tracer 
    ‘Remake’ of the Tektronix 570
  • Err-lectronics 
    Corrections, Updates and Feedback to published articles
  • FPGA-DSP Board for Narrowband SDR 
    A fully programmable receiver/transmitter baseboard
  • Elektor Labs Pipeline 
  • MicroPython and the pyboard 
    From blinking LED to … webserver blinking an LED
  • Q and A: Components in Space 
    (almost) everything you wanted to know about... Components in Space
  • The ESP8266’s Big Brother 
    Getting started with ESP32 and the Arduino IDE
  • Electronics in Orbit 
    Space science for all of us
  • “May I have the menu, please?” 
  • Tektronix 556 and 565 Dual-beam Oscilloscopes 
    The Triple-L beasts: large, loud, lumpy
  • Sniffer using RFM12 Radio Module 
    spy on the ether
  • Tips and Tricks 
    Test Pattern Generator using a Digital Camera
  • Sensors Make Sense (4) 
    For Arduino and more
  • Mercury Coulometers 
    Peculiar Parts, the series
  • Keep Cool with an ATtiny 
    Temperature-dependent fan control
  • Ukule-LED 
    Ukule-LED serially addressable LEDs as ukulele learning tool
  • Making Lights Meaningful 
    For all model aircraft
  • Smart Devices 
    What do you get with them?


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