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Elektor Magazine July/August 2015 (EN)

The printed July & August 2015 edition of your favorite electronics magazine. 132 Pages of inspiring DIY electronics!

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In this edition:

10 Labs Projects, 7 Reader's Projects, 4 Courses (3 New), 9 New Modules and PCBs, 1 Review and lots more!


• From 8 to 32 bits: ARM Microcontrollers for Beginners (4)
The SERCOM module in I²C mode
• DesignSpark Mechanical CAD Tips & Tricks (1)
Adding Connectors to a 3D Model
• SmartScope: Multi-Platform Measuring Instrument
Clever and distinctive USB scope
• PIC® Assembler Crash Course (1)
Your first program in machine language
• Q & A
(Almost) Everything You Always Wanted to Know About… Contact Soldering
• Apps with Connections (1)
Windows app programming for electronics enthusiasts
• Tips and Tricks
From readers for readers
• Doepfer E510 MIDI Keyboard Scanner
Peculiar Parts, the series

• Signal Amplifier for USB Oscilloscope
• Solar Panel Voltage Converter for IoT Devices
Yes we CAN exploit indoor lighting
• UART/RS-232S Data Logger
Multi-level monitoring of serial streams
• BL600 e-BoB Part 3
smartBASIC programming for the Bluetooth Low Energy module
• Multi-Purpose 12-Key Capacitive Keypad
Vast improvement over flaky 1970’s touch controls
• Resistance Measurement with the Arduino
Great for testing humidity sensors
• ELPB-NG: Prototyping Board Revisited
perfboard is dead — long live perfboard
• Sort-Of Electronic Candle
• Cheap Accurate 12-V Battery Monitor
• Power Failure Audible Alarm
For motor homes and boats
• MIDI Analyzer
MIDI In/Out module for Arduino and friends
• A Raspberry Pi Wobbulator
With AD9850 DDS and AD8307 Log. Detector
• Pelco-D Control for CCTV Cameras Pelco-D Control for CCTV Cameras
Based on the Elektor Platino
• Audio T-Board
With integrated loudspeaker
• Platino Solder Station
An SMD solder station made from bits and pieces!
• Arduino as I²C Slave
• 2-GHz Active Differential Probe
Budget design, vast bandwidth

• Electrifying Paintjob
Escaped from the Labs series
• Dot Labs Slash Cool
Your e-creativity never fails to amaze us
• And Then Just a Bit of Software…
Escaped from the Labs series
• Best Tech
Gerard's Columns
• Connector Pinouts
Webscouting series
• Made in Germany
Rohde & Schwarz, Wandel & Goltermann, u. v. A.

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