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Elektor magazine December 2013 (EN)

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Table of Contents Elektor December 2013

  • Bendix 60B4-1-A AC/DC Insulation Tester
    (Retronics section)
  • DesignSpark Tips & Tricks
    Day #6: after the layout
  • Elektor World
  • Enter BeagleBone Black
    Good Dog or Pi Eater?
  • Hexadoku
    The Original Elektorized Sudoku
  • Home and Office Network Tester
    Effortless Ethernet connections
  • Joule Robbin’ Hood
    Powering a grow lamp from nearly empty batteries
  • Microgrids
    Independent local power grids (Tech the Future section)
  • Multi I/O for FPGA Development Board (1)
    Add a display, sensors, GPS, pushbuttons, LEDs and more
  • Retronics Personified
    Gerard's Columns
  • Surfin’ the RPi Wave
    (Elektor Labs section)
  • The FlowStone of Wisdom
    More than a visual programming tool with a pretty (inter)face
  • UltiProp Clock (1)
    time & date floating in the air
  • USB Battery Tester
    Battery testing with a USB-IO24 cable
SKU EP-0444
Language English
Issue Number UK444
ISSN 1757-0875
Publication Medium Paper
Pages 84

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