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Make Arduino-Special (EN) incl. Arduino Uno

This special edition (English version, bundled complete with an Arduino Uno R3) from the offices of MAKE magazine will form an ideal introduction for newcomers to the Arduino development platform. The system is explained from the bottom up, no prior knowledge is necessary.

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ESP8266 and MicroPython

This book is an introduction to the ESP8266 chip and describes the features of this chip and shows how various firmware and programming languages such as the MicroPython can be uploaded to the chip. The main aim of the book is to teach the readers how to use the MicroPython programming language on ESP8266 based hardware, especially on the NodeMCU.

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The Official ESP32 Book

This book is an introduction to the ESP32 processor and describes the main hardware and software features of this chip. The main aim of the book is to teach the reader how to use the ESP32 hardware and software in practical projects, especially using the highly popular ESP32 development board.Many basic, simple, and intermediate level projects are given in the book based on the ESP32 DevKitC development board, using the Arduino IDE and also the MicroPython programming language. The projects have been organized in increasing levels of difficulty.

The ESP32 hardware kit is available from Elektor, especially prepared for this book. The kit contains all the components used in the projects of this book.

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