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Elektor Business Embedded and IoT (2016)

This edition of Elektor Business Magazine contains articles from companies active in the buzz fields identified as Embedded and IoT´╗┐.

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Elektor Business Magazine aims to establish a busy bidirectional link between the electronics industry and research institutions on the one hand and ambitious hardware and software developers in homelabs, startups, spinouts, and on the other.

This edition of Elektor Business Magazine contains articles from companies active in the buzz fields identified as Embedded and IoT.


A Secure Path to the Internet of Things

Solid know-how is needed to benefit from the forecast growth of IoT

The Key to Industry 4.0

With a common basis for communication and central control, existing interfaces and external solutions remain downright useful

NXP Smarter World Tour

Go see that truck loaded with state of the art embedded technology

Internet of Things, Opportunities for Device Differentiation

It’s useful if not essential to functionally classify and chart IoT devices before starting to design them

Intel Edison Webserver

Elektor’s very own get-you-going guide to setting up a basic webserver for home automation


Whence, whereto? Facts and figures to pour over

News and New Products

Senior Lifestyle, a new Internet of Things Application enables seniors to live longer independently at home!

IoT linked to an app can help our senior citizens to live at home longer

Short Range Wireless Usage, Concerns, Directions and Debugging in the IoT Era

Results of a fact finding mission for all engineers tasked with wireless embedded designs

Talking Heads

Five experts answer pertinent questions

News and New products

Index of Advertisers/Colophon/Publishers Statement

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