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DVD Elektor 2013

DVD Elektor 2013


All articles in Elektor Volume 2013 on DVD-ROM


All articles in Elektor Volume 2013 on DVD-ROM
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This DVD-ROM contains all editorial articles published in Volume 2013 of the English, American, Spanish, Dutch, French and German editions of Elektor. Using Adobe Reader, articles are presented in the same layout as originally found in the magazine. An extensive search machine is available to locate keywords in any article.

The Elektor Annual DVD-ROM 2013:

- Produce hard copy of PCB layouts at printer resolution

- Adapt PCB layouts using your favourite graphics program

- Zoom in / out on selected PCB areas

- Ideal companion for science projects, GCSE, etc.

- Export circuit diagrams and illustrations to other programs (ideal for science projects)

- HTML overview for MacOS and Linux users


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SKU 15985
Manufacturer Elektor
ISBN 978-90-5381-277-8

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