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Download your digital copy of Elektor's 10/2000 edition in pdf format here. On completion of your purchase a link to your download is instantly available in your account.

PDF Download UK 10/2000

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  • PCI-Hosted Measurement Cards 
    Towards the computer-driven test lab
  • PC Peripheral Design (2) 
  • Software Synthesisers 
    Nostalgia with the MIDI Parameter Box
  • Lego Robotics Invention System (4) 
    chatting robots
  • The Universal Serial Bus (USB) (2) 
    Transfers and Drivers
  • S/PDIF output 
    For OSCAR and other digital audio-equipment
  • Top of the Range Volume Control 
    Switches instead of Pots
  • GBDSO Gameboy Digital Sampling Oscilloscope (1) 
    Convert a Nintendo games console into a portable oscilloscope
  • OSCAR MP3 Player (2) 
    final: operation and measurement results
  • One-Minute-Light 
    Elementary Circuit
  • Märklin Digital Model Train Control (2) 
    Final part: software, construction and operation
  • Thinkquest 
    students make Internet projects
  • Versatile Centronics/I2C Interface 
    with logic analyser
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