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Download PDF UK 09/2003

Download your digital copy of Elektor's 09/2003 edition in pdf format here. On completion of your purchase a link to your download is instantly available in your account. With this pdf edition of the magazine, you enter the world of Elektor quickly and easily

PDF Download UK 09/2003

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  • More Light! 
    Practical high-power LEDs
  • Acoustic Noise Control Device 
  • DTMF Remote Telephone Switch 
  • PICProg 2003 
    A versatile PIC production programmer
  • Valve Preamplifier (1) 
    Classic technology revisited
  • Valves at Low Plate Voltages 
    Interesting and surprising experiments with valves
  • Polyphonic Doorbell 
    Several tunes from a PIC 16F84
  • Nintendo-64 Joystick on the PC 
    An update for the latest games
  • LC Display with I2C Bus 
    multi-purpose and for the MSC1210 board
  • ATV Picture Generator 
    With high resolution
  • Connector Data, Please 
    Connectors, cables & Co.
  • Over-temperature Alert 
    A universal alarm circuit
  • Precision Measurement Central, Part 2 
    printed circuit board and software suite
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