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Download PDF UK 04/2004

Download your digital copy of Elektor's 04/2004 edition in pdf format here. On completion of your purchase a link to your download is instantly available in your account. With this pdf edition of the magazine, you enter the world of Elektor quickly and easily

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PDF Download UK 04/2004

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  • High-End-Preamp, Part 1 
  • VHF-Low Explorer 
    A low-cost NBFM receiver for 68-88 MHz
  • Project c+ 
    Data comms beyond light speed
  • Dream Team 
    Software DRM receiver
  • Start here 
  • 2 Transistors, 1 Crystal - that’s it! 
    Poor Man’s DRM is here
  • Wavecatcher 
    Aerials and preselectors for AM and DRM
  • Pandora&apos;s Sound & Music Box 
    Recycle an old CD-ROM drive for (triggered) playback
  • Of Mice and Light 
    increased accuracy without mechanics
  • Low-Power LED Flash 
    powered bylemon juice
  • Drop-in Microcontroller Board 
    An 80C32 jack-of-all-trades
  • Audio Power Amps on the Internet 
    Fewer components, better sound?
  • DSPs at 1 GHz 
    Top performance from 90-nm technology
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