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Download PDF UK 02/2000

Download your digital copy of Elektor's 02/2000 edition in pdf format here. On completion of your purchase a link to your download is instantly available in your account.

PDF Download UK 02/2000

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  • BASIC-537 
    a high-level language for the 80535/537
  • One-IC audio power amplifier 
    designed for in-car use, 50+ watts from a 12 V battery
  • Desoldering 
    a craft in its own right
  • 2-metre band converter 
    capture 144 MHz DX signals
  • Infrared remote control 
    for Sony MZ-R30 MiniDisc Walkman, a useful add-on for a popular player
  • Parameter box for MIDI software 
    convenient software synthesizer operation
  • Flashing LED sweetheart 
    an original Valentine present
  • Nick's hardware area 
    InfoDesk on electronics
  • BASIC Stamp programming course (6) 
    introducing the FSM concept
  • 537 "Lite" computer (2) 
    programming and practical use
  • Byte generator 
    for testing DACs and digital controls
  • PC keyboard encoding 
    Everything you ever wanted to know about the signals from a PC keyboard…
  • PC interface for Nintendo joystick 
    using the Nintendo 64 to run PC games
  • Running text display 
    controlled by a COP-8 microcontroller
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