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Discount code terms and conditions

Discount code

The terms and conditions below apply to the use of discount codes which are offered to you by Elektor International Media BV  (Elektor). By using these discount codes you automatically agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. These terms and conditions apply to digital and printed discount codes that are offered by Elektor.
  2. Digital discount codes which comprise letters and/or numbers are in many cases linked to an email address. This discount code only works when the corresponding email address is used when ordering products. This discount code cannot be used in combination with another email address.
  3. The nature, duration and expiry date of an offer and other specific conditions can be found in the statement that contains the discount code. All discount codes are valid for a specific amount of time, the discount cannot be used after this time.
  4. Discount percentages that are valid in combination are applied serially. In other words, after applying a discount code any further discount percentage is calculated based in the amount that remains after applying the first discount.
  5. You can use at most one discount code per order. Discount codes are only valid in combination with other discount percentages, discount specials and discounts if these are specifically indicated.
  6. You can use discount codes issued by Elektor for purchases on the website www.elektor.com.
  7. You cannot use discount codes for open orders.
  8. Unless otherwise indicated, each discount code can be used only once per person and per email address.
  9. When a discount code is used for products of which the (total) cost is below the value of the discount code then the remaining value of the discount code expires.
  10. Offers are valid while stock is available.
  11. You cannot exchange discount codes for money. You cannot use a discount code to obtain a discount on other products than the products for which the discount promotion applies and which are further described in the statement that contains the discount code.
  12. Discount codes are issued only once. They are not replaced in the event of theft or loss. Loss also includes the (accidental) deletion of email.
  13. It is not permitted to tamper with or forge the discount codes, including hacking, the spreading of viruses, spamming or forwarding.
  14. You cannot use the discount codes for commercial purposes and/or other purposes than for which they were issued.
  15. Every (attempted) occasion of fraud or other non-permitted action is recorded and will result in the denial of the use of discount codes.

 Redeeming your discount code is very simple:

  1. The conditions and options for use are different for each discount code. Therefore carefully read the email that contains the discount code.
  2. Add one or more products to your shopping cart.
  3. Go to “Go to cart” and enter your discount code: enter the code exactly (numbers, letters, hyphens).
  4. Continue to the checkout and place the order.
  5. If you are a member of Elektor then don't forget to login first, all members receive an additional discount of 10% on all products.

 If you have any questions or comments over the use of discount codes or problems with entering codes then please contact our customer service.