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Programmable 60 LED strip with IR remote control - Overview
The LED box is straightforward: unpack, glue on, connect, select, lights up. Use the remote control to switch the LEDs to a constant color, adjust the brightness and select from various effects.
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Pi-OBD-HAT – OBD2 Module for Raspberry Pi
Pi-OBD-HAT - OBD2 Module for Raspberry Pi is here! The new innovation for industrial and private on-board diagnostics Pi-OBD-HAT turns the popular Raspberry-Pi small computer into a powerful OBD2 diagnostic interface. Whether with terminal program or comfortable graphics interfaces, the OBD2 diagnostic on the Raspberry-Pi is fun.
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This OBD2 scanner has a high-resolution 2.8" TFT display.

Simple and handy in dimensions nevertheless equipped with an SD card slot and a USB port for data transfer to a PC, the device is powered by a 32-bit Cortex-M3 controller with 100 MHz clock. The advanced graphics functions allow a detailed display of sensor values and the evaluation of graphs and charts.

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NixieCron-M4 - Overview

The NixieCron M4 offers a high-precision watch chip, temperature compensated with a deviation of only a few seconds per month. It comes with a sound module, that plays hour gong and announces the current time at the push of a button. You can also connect it with the DS18B20 temperature sensor and configure it via a rotary knob.

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 LED-Basic-Pico Starter Set Clock

Complete set for setting up a high-precision 7-segment watch with 6 digits.

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