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  • SunFounder 4WD Robot Car Kit for Raspberry Pi Pico

    SunFounder SunFounder 4WD Robot Car Kit for Raspberry Pi Pico

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    Features The Pico Car Kit is a Raspberry Pi Pico based, cool, robotics kit for beginners (12+ Teens) and adults to learn Raspberry Pi Pico programming, electronics assembling and robotics knowledge. (Raspberry Pi Pico with pre-soldered GPIO pins is included.) The Raspberry Pico Car is equipped with a variety of module, ultrasonic module, grayscale sensor, speed sensor, etc and three 8-bit WS2812 RGB boards. In addition, this 4-wheel drive car with Pico RDP also can be DIY interesting functions. The Pico robot building kit can perform Obstacle Avoidance, Object Tracking, Speed Measurement, Mileage Calculation, Line Following and Cliff Detection. In addition, the car is surrounded by three 8-bit WS2812 RGB boards that are capable of displaying cool light effects and direction indications. In addition to providing MicroPython code and tutorials, the customizable application SunFounder Controller is also provided to control this robotic kit. The Raspberry Pi Pico-4WD robot car kit is completely Open Source, providing structure diagrams, module schematics and source code. Includes 3 8-Bit WS2812 RGB Boards Strip. Each LED can be Independently Controlled to Display a Myriad of Colors. Package List Raspberry Pi Pico × 1 Speed Module × 1 Grayscale Semsor Module × 1 8-Bit WS2812B RGB × 3 Pico RDP × 1 Encoder Disk × 2 Ultrasonic Module × 1 Motor × 4 Servo × 1 Top Plate × 1 Bottom Plate × 1 Support × 4 Radar support × 1 R2056 Rivet × 4 R2655 Rivet × 12 R3055 Rivet × 6 Battery Holder × 1 Wheel × 4 M1.5x 4 Self-tapping Screw × 4 M3x8 Self-tapping Screw × 4 M1.4x6 Screw × 6 M2.5x6Screw × 10 M3x6 Screw × 12 M3x28 Screw × 10 M1.4 Nut × 6 M3 Nut 6 × 12 M2.5 x 11Standoff × 6 M3X30 Standoff × 7 Screwdriver × 1 5-pin Wire × 2 4-pin Wire × 4 3-pin Wire × 5 Riboon × 1 USB Cable × 1 Zip Tie × 4 Online Tutorial https://docs.sunfounder.com/projects/pico-4wd-car

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  • SunFounder PiCar-4WD Raspberry Pi Car Robot Kit

    SunFounder SunFounder PiCar-4WD Raspberry Pi Car Robot Kit

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    SunFounder PiCar-4WD is a very cool raspberry pi robot kit designed for both Raspberry Pi beginners and professionals to learn electronic kits. It is suitable for the Raspberry Pi 4B and 3 Model B+/ 3B. With the grayscale module, ultrasonic module, Photo-interrupter sensor module, the car can realize obstacle avoidance, line-following, object following, cliff detection, velocity measurement, mileage calculation, and so on.In addition, this new raspberry pi smart car with a tutorial make you easy to assemble this robot car kit, we have written a friendly browser software that quickly turns on/off and freely combines the above-mentioned various functions. U will see a cool appearance car kit to learn electronics, programming, and robotics.If you are interested in autonomous driving, you should own a SunFounder PiCar-4WD! Features 【PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES & VARIOUS MODULES】The Raspberry Pi robot be programmed by Python language. It comes with four sensor modules including 4WD HAT Module, Velocity Measurement Module, 3-ch Grayscale Sensor Module, and 3.3V Ultrasonic Module【MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS】The Multifunctional SunFounder 4WD Smart Car supports multiple functions: Obstacle Avoidance; Line Following; Object Following; Cliff Detection; Velocity Measurement; Mileage Calculation; Radar Sampling. In addition, It has 4 powerful motors, create more power than SunFounder PicarV and PicarS.【WEB CONTROL】The Raspberry Pi Car can be controlled by Android and iOS Mobile to get web remote control, only need your phone can connect the Internet. It compatible with PC (use keyboard control) /Phone (recommended)/Tablet, make robot kits easy, make robot kits fun.【FRIENDLY DESIGN】It comes with a user manual, including operational examples of web terminal, also provides the original python code for in-depth learning. Package List Electronic Parts1 x 4WD HAT Module1 x 2-ch Photo-interrupter Module(Velocity Measurement Module)1 x 3-ch Grayscale Sensor Module1 x 3.3V Ultrasonic Module Other Parts1 x Connection Wire(Grayscale Sensor Module)1 x Connection Wire(Ultrasonic Module)1 x Connection Wire(Photo-interrupter Module)1 x Ribbon4 x Cable Tie1 x Screwdriver4 x Wheels 1 x Battery Holder Driving Parts 4 x Motor1 x Servo Structural Plates1 x Top Plate1 x Bottom Plate2 x Spoiler4 x Support1 x Radar support Mechanical Parts4 x M1.5*4mm Self-tapping Screw6 x M1.4*8mm Screw4 x M2*10 mm Screw10 x M2.5*6mm Screw4 x M3*8mm Flat-head16 x M3*8mm Screw10 x M3*28mm Screw6 x M1.4 Nut4 x M2 Nut18 x M3 Nut6 x M2.5*11mm Bi-pass Nylon Standoff2 x Encoding Disk6 x M2.5*8+6mm Single-pass Nylon Standoff6 x M3*30mm Bi-pass Nylon Standoff

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  • SunFounder Kepler Kit (Ultimate Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi Pico W)

    SunFounder SunFounder Kepler Kit (Ultimate Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi Pico W)

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    Your gateway to IoT and microcontroller programming With 450+ components and 117 online projects, this comprehensive kit ignites your creativity. The tutorials by Paul McWhorter make learning enjoyable for beginners and advanced users. This kit supports MicroPython, C/C++, and Piper Make, offering diverse programming options. Explore sensors, actuators, LEDs, and LCDs for endless project possibilities. From home automation to robotics, this kit empowers your tech journey. Features IoT Starter Kit for Beginners: This kit offers a rich IoT learning experience for beginners. With 450+ components, 117 projects, and expert-led video lessons, this kit makes learning microcontroller programming and IoT engaging and accessible. Expert-Guided Video Lessons: The kit includes 27 video tutorials by the renowned educator, Paul McWhorter. His engaging style simplifies complex concepts, ensuring an effective learning experience in microcontroller programming. Wide Range of Hardware: The kit includes a diverse array of components like sensors, actuators, LEDs, LCDs, and more, enabling you to experiment and create a variety of projects with the Raspberry Pi Pico W. Supports Multiple Languages: The kit offers versatility with support for three programming languages - MicroPython, C/C++, and Piper Make, providing a diverse programming learning experience. Dedicated Support: Benefit from our ongoing assistance, including a community forum and timely technical help for a seamless learning experience. Included Raspberry Pi Pico W Breadboard Jumper Wires Resistor Transistor Capacitor Diode Li-po Charger Module 74HC595 TA6586 – Motor Driver Chip LED RGB LED LED Bar Graph 7-segment Display 4-Digit 7-Segment Display LED Dot Matrix I²C LCD1602 WS2812 RGB 8 LEDs Strip Buzzer DC Motor Servo DC Water Pump Relay Button Micro Switch Slide Switch Potentiometer Infrared Receiver Joystick Module 4x4 Keypad MPR121 Module MFRC522 Module Photoresistor Thermistor Tilt Switch Reed Switch PIR Motion Sensor Module Water Level Sensor Module Ultrasonic Module DHT11 Humiture Sensor MPU6050 Module Documentation Online Tutorials in 3 languages (EN, DE and JP)

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Buy the Raspberry Pi starter kit

Can't wait to get started with Raspberry Pi? With a starter kit you have all the components at your disposal

If you want to get started quickly with programming on a Raspberry Pi, you can get off to a flying start with the Elektor starter kit. With the Raspberry Pi Starter Kit you have all the necessary components, the right power supply and memory card, and housing to get started.

Whether you want your own media player, smart-home control or pocket-sized desktop PC. With a starter kit you have everything you need at once to install and use the world's most popular and widely used mini computer.

The benefits of a Raspberry Pi starter kit

With the Raspberry Pi starter kits you have everything you need to get started in one go. It takes a lot of time, especially for beginners, to buy all the components separately. With a starter kit you immediately have everything together!

It saves you a lot of time and money when you do not have to purchase all the separate components. Especially as a beginner, it is nice to get started with the starter kits, because you can become overwhelmed by all the available information and the endless possibilities with a Raspberry Pi.

Because Elektor is an official seller of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, we receive the Raspberry Pi kits directly from the developer's factory. That's why we offer you the lowest possible price for a starter kit and official accessories such as power supplies, cases, sensors, robots, cameras, displays and books.

Starter kits for different Raspberry Pi variants

Originally, the Raspberry Pi was intended for education about electronics, computers and computer technology. Raspberry hardware has now made such a big leap in speed and computing power that Raspberry's are used in homes and industry.

Today, the open-source community is still developing the software and hardware of the various Raspberry Pi products on a daily basis.


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