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  •  -33% Raspberry Pi T-Type Kit

    Kuongshun Raspberry Pi T-Type Kit

    Features Suitable for Raspberry Pi + GPIO Extension Board Exquisite appearance DIY operation Specifications Size of GPIO Extension Board: 7.5 x 6 cm (3 x 2.4') Size of Breadboard: 16.5 x 5.5 x 1 cm (6.5 x 2.2 x 0.4') Included 1x GPIO Extension Board 1x Breadboard 1x 40P Pin Connect Line 8x 1K Resistor 8x 10K Resistor 4x LED (yellow) 4x LED (red) 4x Key 10x 25 mm Jumper Wires A 10x 25 mm Jumper Wires B

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  •  -25% Electronics Fans Package – Component Basic Starter Kit

    Kuongshun Electronics Fans Package - Component Basic Starter Kit

    Contents 1x High Quality Retail Box 10x 1/4W 1% 100R Resistor 10x 1/4W 1% 220R Resistor 10x 1/4W 1% 330R Resistor 10x 1/4W 1% 1K Resistor 10x 1/4W 1% 10K Resistor 10x 1/4W 1% 100K Resistor 10x 1/4W 1% 4.7K Resistor 10x 1/4W 1% 47K Resistor 10x 100PF Ceramic Capacitor 10x 10NF Ceramic Capacitor 10x 100NF Ceramic Capacitor 10x 22PF Ceramic Capacitor 10x 10UF aluminum electrolytic capacitor 10x 470UF aluminum electrolytic capacitor 10x Red LED 10x Green LED 10x Yellow LED 10x Blue LED 8x 12x12x7.3 Switch 2x Red Cap 2x Yellow Cap 2x Green Cap 2x Blue Cap 1x 10K Precision Potentiometer 2x RGB LED 1x Active Buzzer 1x Passive Buzzer 1x Pin Header 1x40 1x Resistor Card 1x 400pts Breadboard 1x 30pcs/pack Breadboard Jumper Wires Set

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  • Basic Kit for Raspberry Pi Pico (Pico included)

    Kuongshun Basic Kit for Raspberry Pi Pico (Pico included)

    Contents Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040 Development Board 30 cm Micro:bit flat USB cable for Smart Car 10-Pin Male to Female Dupont Line Three-leaf Fan Blue Motor Bracket with Screw 3 V DC motor with wire ULN2003 Driver Board Stepper Motor Green 28 mm Leg LED 5 mm Red (1pcs) 28 mm Leg LED 5 mm Green (1pcs) 28 mm Leg LED 5 mm Yellow (1pcs) 28 mm Leg LED 5 mm Blue (1pcs) Resistor 220R 1/4W 1% (1pcs) 400 Points Soldless Breadboard Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Tracking Sensor Module Active Alarm Buzzer Driver Module Low Current Blue 7 Color Flashing LED Module Tachile Switch Module

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Buy the Raspberry Pi starter kit

Can't wait to get started with Raspberry Pi? With a starter kit you have all the components at your disposal

If you want to get started quickly with programming on a Raspberry Pi, you can get off to a flying start with the Elektor starter kit. With the Raspberry Pi Starter Kit you have all the necessary components, the right power supply and memory card, and housing to get started.

Whether you want your own media player, smart-home control or pocket-sized desktop PC. With a starter kit you have everything you need at once to install and use the world's most popular and widely used mini computer.

The benefits of a Raspberry Pi starter kit

With the Raspberry Pi starter kits you have everything you need to get started in one go. It takes a lot of time, especially for beginners, to buy all the components separately. With a starter kit you immediately have everything together!

It saves you a lot of time and money when you do not have to purchase all the separate components. Especially as a beginner, it is nice to get started with the starter kits, because you can become overwhelmed by all the available information and the endless possibilities with a Raspberry Pi.

Because Elektor is an official seller of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, we receive the Raspberry Pi kits directly from the developer's factory. That's why we offer you the lowest possible price for a starter kit and official accessories such as power supplies, cases, sensors, robots, cameras, displays and books.

Starter kits for different Raspberry Pi variants

Originally, the Raspberry Pi was intended for education about electronics, computers and computer technology. Raspberry hardware has now made such a big leap in speed and computing power that Raspberry's are used in homes and industry.

Today, the open-source community is still developing the software and hardware of the various Raspberry Pi products on a daily basis.


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