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  •  -24% Arduino Studenten Kit

    Arduino Arduino Student Kit

    The Arduino Student Kit is a hands-on, step-by-step remote learning tool for ages 11+: get started with the basics of electronics, programming, and coding at home. No prior knowledge or experience is necessary as the kit guides you through step by step. Educators can teach their class remotely using the kits, and parents can use the kit as a homeschool tool for their child to learn at their own pace. Everyone will gain confidence in programming and electronics with guided lessons and open experimentation. Learn the basics of programming, coding and electronics including current, voltage, and digital logic. No prior knowledge or experience is necessary as the kit guides you through step by step. You’ll get all the hardware and software you need for one person, making it ideal to use for remote teaching, homeschooling, and for self-learning. There are step-by-step lessons, exercises, and for a complete and in-depth experience, there’s also extra content including invention spotlights, concepts, and interesting facts about electronics, technology, and programming. Lessons and projects can be paced according to individual abilities, allowing them to learn from home at their own level. The kit can also be integrated into different subjects such as physics, chemistry, and even history. In fact, there’s enough content for an entire semester. How educators can use the kit for remote teaching The online platform contains all the content you need to teach remotely: exclusive learning guidance content, tips for remote learning, nine 90-minute lessons, and two open-ended projects. Each lesson builds off the previous one, providing a further opportunity to apply the skills and concepts students have already learned. They also get a logbook to complete as they work through the lessons. The beginning of each lesson provides an overview, estimated completion times, and learning objectives. Throughout each lesson, there are tips and information that will help to make the learning experience easier. Key answers and extension ideas are also provided. How the kit helps parents homeschool their children This is your hands-on, step-by-step remote learning tool that will help your child learn the basics of programming, coding, and electronics at home. As a parent, you don’t need any prior knowledge or experience as you are guided through step-by-step. The kit is linked directly into the curriculum so you can be confident that your children are learning what they should be, and it provides the opportunity for them to become confident in programming and electronics. You’ll also be helping them learn vital skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving. Self-learning with the Arduino Student Kit Students can use this kit to teach themselves the basics of electronics, programming, and coding. As all the lessons follow step-by-step instructions, it’s easy for them to work their way through and learn on their own. They can work at their own pace, have fun with all the real-world projects, and increase their confidence as they go. They don’t need any previous knowledge as everything is clearly explained, coding is pre-written, and there’s a vocabulary of concepts to refer to. The Arduino Student Kit comes with several parts and components that will be used to build circuits while completing the lessons and projects throughout the course. Included in the kit Access code to exclusive online content including learning guidance notes, step-by-step lessons and extra materials such as resources, invention spotlights and a digital logbook with solutions. 1x Arduino Uno 1x USB cable 1x Board mounting base 1x Multimeter 1x 9 V battery snap 1x 9 V battery 20x LEDs (5x red, 5x green, 5x yellow & 5x blue ) 5x Resistors 560 Ω 5x Resistors 220 Ω 1x Breadboard 400 points 1x Resistor 1 kΩ 1x Resistor 10 kΩ 1x Small Servo motor 2x Potentiometers 10 kΩ 2x Knob potentiometers 2x Capacitors 100 uF Solid core jumper wires 5x Pushbuttons 1x Phototransistor 2x Resistors 4.7 kΩ 1x Jumper wire black 1x Jumper wire red 1x Temperature sensor 1x Piezo 1x Jumper wire female to male red 1x Jumper wire female to male black 3x Nuts and Bolts

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  • Arduino Braccio ++ RP2040 powered Robot Arm

    Arduino Arduino Braccio ++ RP2040 powered Robot Arm

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    The next evolution of the Tinkerkit Braccio robot, Arduino Braccio ++ is a robotic arm designed solely for higher education, including engineering schools and university institutes of technology – or even advanced high school and college students studying the sciences, industrial science or technology. Arduino Braccio ++ is fully optimized and can be assembled in several ways for multiple tasks, such as moving objects, mounting a camera and tracking your movements, or attaching a solar panel and tracking the movement of the sun. Its uses are almost limitless. Students will learn real life applications of physical concepts through lifting, placing, and rotating an item. These concepts include motions, forces, torque, gear ratios, stability, and weight of payload. Arduino Braccio ++ offers a multitude of expansive possibilities from the very outset, including a new Braccio Carrier with LCD screen, new RS485 servo motors, and a totally enhanced experience. The main material used to build the Arduino Braccio ++ structure is a recycled and eco-friendly plastic called EcoAllene, a plastic material obtained from recycled polylaminate found in food cartons, meaning that all the plastic parts of Arduino Braccio ++ are sustainable and 100% recyclable. Downloads Braccio Carrier

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  • Arduino Pro Nicla Vision

    Arduino Arduino Pro Nicla Vision

    Ever wanted an automated house? Or a smart garden? The Arduino IoT Cloud compatible board Nicla Vision allows you to build your next smart project. You can connect devices, visualize data, control and share your projects from anywhere in the world. Nicla Vision combines a powerful STM32H747AII6 Dual ARM Cortex M7/M4 IC processor with a 2 MP color camera that supports TinyML, as well as a smart 6-axis motion sensor, integrated microphone and distance sensor. You can easily include it into any project because it’s designed to be compatible with all Arduino Portenta and MKR products, fully integrates with OpenMV, supports MicroPython and also offers both WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity. It’s so compact – with its 22.86 x 22.86 mm form factor – it can physically fit into most scenarios, and requires so little energy it can be powered by battery for standalone applications. All of this makes Nicla Vision the ideal solution to develop or prototype with on-device image processing and machine vision at the edge, for asset tracking, object recognition, predictive maintenance and more – easier and faster than ever. Train it to spot details, so you can focus on the big picture. Automate anything Check every product is labeled before it leaves the production line; unlock doors only for authorized personnel, and only if they are wearing PPE correctly; use AI to train Nicla Vision to regularly check analog meters and beam readings to the Cloud; teach it to recognize thirsty crops and turn the irrigation on when needed.Anytime you need to act or make a decision depending on what you see, let Nicla Vision watch, decide and act for you. Feel seen Interact with kiosks with simple gestures, create immersive experiences, work with cobots at your side. Nicla Vision allows computers and smart devices to see you, recognize you, understand your movements and make your life easier, safer, more efficient, better. Keep an eye out Let Nicla Vision be your eyes: detecting animals on the other side of the farm, letting you answer your doorbell from the beach, constantly checking on the vibrations or wear of your industrial machinery. It’s your always-on, always precise lookout, anywhere you need it to be. Downloads Schematics Datasheet

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  • Arduino MKR IoT Carrier

    Arduino Arduino MKR IoT Carrier

    Data Capture: Map the environment around the carrier using the integrated temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors and collect data about movement using the 6 axis IMU and light, gesture, and proximity sensors. Easily add more external sensors to capture more data from more sources via the on-board Grove connectors (x3). Data Storage: Capture and store all the data locally on an SD card, or connect to the Arduino IoT Cloud for real-time data capture, storage, and visualization. Data Visualisation: Locally view real-time sensor readings on the built-in OLED Color Display and create visual or sound prompts using the embedded LEDs and buzzer. Total Control: Directly control small-voltage electronic appliances using the onboard relays and the five tactile buttons, with the integrated display providing a handy on-device interface for immediate control.

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  • Arduino Pro Portenta Machine Control

    Arduino Arduino Pro Portenta Machine Control

    The Portenta Machine Control is a fully-centralized, low-power, industrial control unit able to drive equipment and machinery. It can be programmed using the Arduino framework or other embedded development platforms. Thanks to its computing power, the Portenta Machine Control enables a wide range of predictive maintenance and AI use cases. It enables the collection of real-time data from the factory floor and supports the remote control of equipment, even from the cloud, when desired. Features Shorter Time-To-Market Give new life to existing products Add connectivity for monitoring and control Tailor it to your need, each I/O pin can be configured Make equipment smarter to be ready for the AI revolution Provide security and robustness from the ground up Open new business model opportunity (e.g. servitization) Interact with your equipment with advanced HMI Modular Design for adaptation & upgrades The Portenta Machine Control allows companies to enable new business-as-a-service models by monitoring customer usage of equipment for predictive maintenance and providing valuable production data. The Portenta Machine Control enables industry standard soft-PLC control and is able to connect to a range of external sensors and actuators with isolated digital I/O, 4-20 mA compatible analog I/O, 3 configurable temperature channels, and a dedicated I²C connector. Multiple choices are available for network connectivity, including USB, Ethernet, and WiFi/Bluetooth Low Energy in addition to industry specific protocols such as RS485. All I/O are protected by resettable fuses and onboard power management has been engineered to ensure maximum reliability in harsh environments. The Portenta Machine Control core runs a Portenta H7 microcontroller board (included), a highly reliable design operating at industrial temperature ranges (-40 °C to +85 °C) with a dual-core architecture that doesn’t require any external cooling. The main processor offers the possibility of connecting external Human Machine Interfaces like displays, touch panels, keyboards, joysticks, and mice to enable on-site reconfiguration of state machines and direct manipulation of processes. The Portenta Machine Control’s design addresses a large variety of use scenarios. It is possible to configure a selection of the I/O pins via software. The Portenta Machine Control stands out as a powerful computer to unify and optimize production where one single type of hardware can serve all of your needs. Among other outstanding features are the following: Industrial performance leveraging the power of Portenta boards DIN bar compatible housing Push-in terminals for fast connection Compact device (170 x 90 x 50 mm) Reliable design, operating at industrial temperature rates (-40 °C to +85 °C) with a dual-core architecture that doesn’t require any external cooling Embedded RTC (Real Time Clock) to ensure perfect synchronization of processes Leverage the embedded connectivity without any external parts The Portenta Machine Control can be used in multiple industries, across a wide range of machine types, including: labelling machine, form & seal machine, cartoning machine, gluing machine, electric oven, industrial washer & dryers, mixers, etc. Add the Portenta Machine Control to your existing processes effortlessly and become the owner of your solutions in the market of machines. Specifications Processor STM32H747XI Dual Cortex-M7+M4 32-bit low power Arm MCU (Portenta H7) Input 8 digital 24 VDC 2 channels encoder readings 3 Analog for PT100/J/K temperature probes (3-wire cable with compensation) 3 Analog input (4-20 mA/ 0-10 V/NTC 10K) Output 8 digital 24 VDC up to 0.5 A (short circuit protection) 4 analog 0-10 V (up to 20 mA output per channel) Other I/O 12 programmable digital I/O (24 V logic) Commmunication protocols CAN-BUS Programmable Serial port 232/422/485 Connectivity Ethernet USB Programming Port Wi-Fi Bluetooth Low Energy Memory 16 MB onboard Flash memory 8 MB SD-RAM Dimensions 170 x 90 x 50 mm Weight 186 g Power 24 VDC +/- 20% Connector type Push-in terminals for fast connection Operating temperature -40 °C to +85 °C (-40 °F to 185 °F) Downloads Datasheet Schematics Pinout

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  • Arduino MKR IoT Bundle 1010

    Arduino Arduino MKR IoT Bundle 1010

    The best way to start exploring the world of connected devices using the Arduino MKR WiFi 1010. The MKR IoT bundle contains all you need to build your first connected devices. Follow the 5 step by step tutorials we have prepared for you and combining the electronic components included in the bundle, you’ll quickly learn how to build devices that connect to the Arduino IoT cloud. All you need to start with IoT This bundle is contains all the hardware and software required to build your first IoT devices with no extra fees. Build 5 IoT projects All the components needed to start your journey into building your own IoT projects. Learn about the Arduino IoT cloud Not only learn about electronic but also about the possibilities the Arduino IoT cloud can offer. Included 1x Arduino MKR1000 WiFi (with mounted headers) 6x Phototransistors 1x Tilt Sensor 1x Temperature sensor (TMP36) 3x Potentiometer 1x Piezo capsule 10x Pushbuttons 1x DC Motor 1x Small servo motor 1x Alphanumeric LCD (16x2 characters) 1x Optocouplers (4N35) 1x H-bridge motor driver (L293D) 2x Mosfet transistors (IRF520) 5x Capacitors 100uF 70x Solid core jumper wires 1x Micro USB cable 1x Breadboard 1x LED (bright white) 3x LEDs (blue) 1x LED (RGB) 8x LED 5 mm (red) 8x LED 5 mm (green) 8x LED 5 mm (yellow) 1x Male pins strip (4x1) 1x Stranded jumper wires (red) 1x Stranded jumper wires (black) 5x Diode 20x 220 Ω resistors 5x 560 Ω resistors 5x 1 KΩ resistors 5x 4.7 KΩ resistors 20x 10 KΩ resistors 5x 1 MΩ resistors 5x 10 MΩ resistors

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  • Arduino Pro Nicla Sense ME

    Arduino Arduino Pro Nicla Sense ME

    The Nicla Sense ME is a tiny, low-power tool that sets a new standard for intelligent sensing solutions. With the simplicity of integration and scalability of the Arduino ecosystem, the board combines four state-of-the-art sensors from Bosch Sensortec: BHI260AP motion sensor system with integrated AI BMM150 magnetometer BMP390 pressure sensor BME688 4-in-1 gas sensor with AI and integrated high-linearity, as well as high-accuracy pressure, humidity and temperature sensors. The Arduino Nicla Sense ME is the smallest Arduino form factor yet, with a range of industrial grade sensors packed into a tiny footprint. Measure process parameters such as temperature, humidity and movement. Featuring a 9-axis inertial measurement unit and the possibility for Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, it can help you to create your next Bluetooth Low Energy enabled project. Make your own industrial grade wireless sensing network with the onboard BHI260AP, BMP390, BMM150 and BME688 Bosch sensors. Features Tiny size, packed with features Low power consumption Add sensing capabilities to existing projects When battery-powered, becomes a complete standalone board Powerful processor, capable of hosting intelligence on the Edge Measures motion and environmental parameters Robust hardware including industrial-grade sensors with embedded AI BLE connectivity maximizes compatibility with professional and consumer equipment 24/7 always-on sensor data processing at ultra-low power consumption Specifications Microcontroller 64 MHz ARM Cortex-M4 (nRF52832) Sensors BHI260AP – Self-learning AI smart sensor with integrated accelerometer and gyroscope BMP390 – Digital pressure sensor BMM150 – Geomagnetic sensor BME688 – Digital low power gas, pressure, temperature & humidity sensor with AI I/O Castellated pins with the following features: 1x I²C bus (with ext. ESLOV connector) 1x serial port 1x SPI 2x ADC, programmable I/O voltage from 1.8-3.3 V Connectivity Bluetooth 4.2 Power Micro USB (USB-B), Pin Header, 3.7 V Li-po battery with Integrated battery charger Memory 512 KB Flash / 64 KB RAM 2 MB SPI Flash for storage 2 MB QSPI dedicated for BHI260AP Interface USB interface with debug functionality Dimensions 22.86 x 22.86 mm Weight 2 g Downloads Datasheet

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  • Arduino MKR WAN 1310

    Arduino Arduino MKR WAN 1310

    Ever wanted an automated house? Or a smart garden? Well, now it’s easy with the Arduino IoT Cloud compatible boards. It means: you can connect devices, visualize data, control and share your projects from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, we have a wide range of plans to make sure you get the features you need. Connect your sensors and actuators over long distances harnessing the power of the LoRa wireless protocol or throughout LoRaWAN networks. The Arduino MKR WAN 1310 board provides a practical and cost effective solution to add LoRa connectivity to projects requiring low power. This open source board can be connected to the Arduino IoT Cloud. Better and More Efficient The MKR WAN 1310, brings in a series of improvements when compared to its predecessor, the MKR WAN 1300. While still based on the Microchip SAMD21 low power processor, the Murata CMWX1ZZABZ LoRa module, and the MKR family’s characteristic crypto chip (the ECC508), the MKR WAN 1310 includes a new battery charger, a 2 MByte SPI Flash, and improved control of the board’s power consumption. Improved Battery Power The latest modifications have considerably improved the battery life on the MKR WAN 1310. When properly configured, the power consumption is now as low as 104 uA! It is also possible to use the USB port to supply power (5 V) to the board; run the board with or without batteries – the choice is yours. On-board Storage Data logging and other OTA (Over The Air) functions are now possible since the inclusion of the on board 2 MByte Flash. This new exciting feature will let you transfer configuration files from the infrastructure onto the board, create your own scripting commands, or simply store data locally to send it whenever the connectivity is best. Whilst the MKR WAN 1310’s crypto chip adds further security by storing credentials & certificates in the embedded secure element. These features make it the perfect IoT node and building block for low-power wide-area IoT devices. Specifications The Arduino MKR WAN 1310 is based on the SAMD21 microcontroller. Microcontroller SAMD21 Cortex-M0+ 32-bit low power ARM MCU (datasheet) Radio module CMWX1ZZABZ (datasheet) Board power supply (USB/VIN) 5 V Secure element ATECC508 (datasheet) Supported batteries Rechargeable Li-Ion, or Li-Po, 1024 mAh minimum capacity Circuit operating voltage 3.3 V Digital I/O pins 8 PWM pins 13 (0 .. 8, 10, 12, 18 / A3, 19 / A4) UART 1 SPI 1 I²C 1 Analog input pins 7 (ADC 8/10/12 bit) Analog output pins 1 (DAC 10 bit) External interrupts 8 (0, 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 16 / A1, 17 / A2) DC current per I/O pin 7 mA CPU flash memory 256 KB (internal) QSPI flash memory 2 MByte (external) SRAM 32 KB EEPROM No Clock speed 32.768 kHz (RTC), 48 MHz LED_BUILTIN 6 USB Full-Speed USB Device and embedded Host Antenna gain 2 dB (bundled pentaband antenna) Carrier frequency 433/868/915 MHz Dimensions 67.64 x 25 mm Weight 32 g Downloads Eagle Files Schematics Fritzing Pinout

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  • Arduino Pro Portenta Vision Shield LoRa

    Arduino Arduino Pro Portenta Vision Shield LoRa

    The Portenta Vision Shield LoRa brings industry-rated features to your Portenta. This hardware add-on will let you run embedded computer vision applications, connect wirelessly via LoRa to the Arduino Cloud or your own infrastructure, and activate your system upon the detection of sound events. The shield comes with: a 320x320 pixels camera sensor: use one of the cores in Portenta to run image recognition algorithms using the OpenMV for Arduino editor long range 868/915 MHz LoRa wireless connectivity: get your Portenta H7 connected to the Internet of Things with low power consumption two on-board microphones for directional sound detection: capture and analyse sound in real-time JTAG connector: perform low-level debugging of your Portenta board or special firmware updates using an external programmer SD-Card connector: store your captured data in the card, or read configuration files The Vision Shield LoRa has been designed to work with the Arduino Portenta H7. The Portenta boards feature multicore 32-bit ARM Cortex processors running at hundreds of megahertz, with megabytes of program memory and RAM. Portenta boards come with WiFi and Bluetooth. Specifications Camera Himax HM-01B0 camera module (manufacturer site) Resolution 320 x 320 active pixel resolution with support for QVGA Image sensor High sensitivity 3.6μ BrightSense pixel technology Microphone 2x MP34DT05 (datasheet) Connectivity 868/915MHz ABZ-093 LoRa Module with ARM Cortex-M0+ (datasheet) Dimensions 66 x 25 mm Weight 8 g Downloads Datasheet Schematics

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