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  • Pokit Meter – Portable Multimeter, Oscilloscope and Logger

    Pokit Meter - Portable Multimeter, Oscilloscope and Logger

    Pokit Meter is a revolutionary tool in the measurement industry. Its incredibly small size means you can put it on a keychain or in your pocket for unprecedented portability. Free yourself from the bench and take your creativity to new places! Pokit Meter harnesses the power of your smartphone, transforming it into an awesome measurement tool. The Pokit App measures a wide range of parameters, including voltage, current, resistance and temperature. It also provides continuity and a diode checker. Pokit Meter is ideal for low voltage electronics, automotive applications, home automation, and much more. Super Handy Retractable Leads: All-in-one multimeter, oscilloscope (one-time) and logger Highly Portable, it Fits in Your Pocket: Fits on your keychain so you can take it anywhere Wireless Connectivity: Connects to your phone via Bluetooth 60 V DC/42 V AC, 2 A Ultra-low Power and Long Battery Life: Suitable for low voltage electronics work (Arduino, Raspberry Pi), automotive applications etc. Full-Featured Multimeter Pokit Meter is a full-featured multimeter. The app brings all your favourite measurement modes into one seamless display. No knobs, no loose and bulky leads. Perfect for use in the home or on the go! True RMS measurement Auto ranging Voltage: 10 mV to 60 V DC, 42 V AC (RMS), ±1% Current: 1 mA to 2 A max, ±1% Resistance: 1 to 1M Ohm, ±5% Ambient temperature: 0°C to 60°C, ±1°C Continuity and diode polarity checker Digital Storage Oscilloscope An oscilloscope that small? Never before has this much freedom been brought to your fingertips in the realm of electronic test equipment. Pokit Meter’s oscilloscope captures detailed voltage and current waveforms for real-time display on your smartphone. Simply pinch and drag to zoom and pan. Long-press on the graph to set cursors and trace your signals. Pokit Meter also functions as a spectrum analyser. Switch into DFT mode to view your waveforms in the frequency domain. Sampling: 1 Msample/sec, 12-bit Voltage: 10 mV to 60 V DC, 42 V AC (RMS), ±1% Current: 1 mA to 2 A max, ±1% 1mS to 10s acquisition window Auto trigger or adjustable rising/falling trigger level Monitor Parameters Long Term Pokit Meter functions as a stand-alone data logger. It logs temperature, voltage, or current waveforms for periods of up to six months, without connection to a phone. Pokit Meter’s compact nature means it can be placed in tight or hard-to-reach spaces. Simply hook up your Pokit and walk away! 12-bit sampling Voltage: 10 mV to 60 V DC, 42 V AC (RMS), ±1% Current: 1 mA to 2 A max, ±1% 1 to 8000 points memory Up to 6 months logging

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What is an oscilloscope? What are the advantages of a digital oscilloscope?

Oscilloscopes are electronic instruments that allow us to visualize different signals as a function of time on a 2D plot. Oscilloscopes come in a variety of sizes and can allow anyone with an interest in electronics – from students to makers to craftsmen – to discover how waveforms vary as a circuit is adjusted.

A digital oscilloscope is a useful tool for analyzing the response of a circuit, and it allows us to see on the screen what our eyes cannot see. With a digital oscilloscope you can test and debug the analog outputs of sensors, and you can verify and quickly analyze various parameters such as amplitude, frequency, and distortion.

When you look at an oscilloscope, you see the screen and the buttons for the vertical settings, the horizontal settings and the triggering. The display is usually a cathode ray tube (CRT), which is used not only for oscilloscopes, but also for other applications such as television and computer monitors. Its function is to convert an electrical signal into a visual representation.

What types of oscilloscopes are there? And what are the differences?

Today, digital oscilloscopes are the most popular type. An analog oscilloscope displays the waveform in its original form, while a digital oscilloscope samples the original analog waveform and converts the result into digital numbers, then stores it in digital format.

Another important type of oscilloscope is the USB oscilloscope. It is operated via a computer or tablet using a USB port. The USB oscilloscope has one or more analog channels, possibly digital channels, and buttons or switches for operation.

USB oscilloscopes are less expensive than traditional ones because the graphics are provided by the host PC. An A/D converter and a USB interface are all that is needed for a USB oscilloscope. Furthermore, USB oscilloscopes are usually small and can be used in places where access is limited. Moreover, they are a great solution for applications that require flexibility, as they are a great portable option.

An automotive oscilloscope is a necessary instrument for detecting malfunctions in all kinds of electronic components in vehicles. Moreover, it is often used by car technicians for car diagnostics. The only difference between an automotive oscilloscope and a digital oscilloscope is that it offers additional capabilities for testing and diagnosis.

What is a PicoScope?

PicoScope is computer software that allows Pico Technology oscilloscopes to measure real-time signals. A PicoScope PC oscilloscope is an application for measuring and testing all electrical components and circuits in vehicles. Your PC can become a powerful diagnostic tool with the help of a PicoScope.

Buy an oscilloscope. What does Elektor have to offer?

An oscilloscope is an essential tool for anyone who works with electronic circuits. It is useful if you want to get to know the behavior of your project and detect errors in your circuits.

Elektor offers a wide choice of oscilloscopes in various sizes and with varying specifications, including bandwidth, vertical resolution, and horizontal scale. In addition, we offer a selection of oscilloscopes that are very suitable for a number of areas of interest. Some of the most popular products Elektor sells are the PicoScope 2204A USB Oscilloscope and the SmartScope USB oscilloscope, which provide a complete electronics lab in one compact, low-cost, USB-powered device. The affordable PicoScope and SmartScope models are ideal for education, hobby and field use.

What accessories are there for oscilloscopes?

Digital oscilloscopes usually come with a set of probes. In addition to scopes, Elektor sells a range of related products, including cables and DIY kits.

Why should you buy an oscilloscope from Elektor?

Electrical engineers, makers and electronics enthusiasts turn to Elektor for affordable, high-quality test and measurement equipment such as oscilloscopes. We stock a range of oscilloscopes – from portable handheld devices to high-end desktop solutions – to meet the different needs of a wide audience.


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