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  •  -18% Temperature-controlled Soldering Station with Fume Extractor & LED Light (3-in-1) ZD-8951

    Zhongdi Temperature-controlled Soldering Station with Fume Extractor & LED Light (3-in-1) ZD-8951

    The ZD-8951 is a 3-in-1 temperature-controlled digital soldering station with built-in fume extractor and LED lighting. The rapid-heating function reaches a temperature of 400°C in less than 1 minute. Specifications (Soldering Iron) Power: 60 W (max. 130 W) Temperature range: 160°C to 480°C (320°F to 896°F) PTC rapid heating element With °C/°F conversion function Temperature can be easily adjusted with the knob. LCD display with changing backlight. With rapid heating function, it takes less than 1 minute to rise from the room temperature to 400°C (752°F). Specifications (Fume Extractor) Power: 23 W Air flow: 1 m³/min (max) Specifications (LED Light) Power: 5 W Lighting: 12 LEDs Brightness: 242 lm

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  • Multi-angle Soldering Iron Stand ZD-11K

    Zhongdi Multi-angle Soldering Iron Stand ZD-11K

    This mechanical arm is a perfect tool for holding a soldering iron, hot air pump and other suitable tools.

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  •  -25% Temperature-controlled Soldering Station ZD-8961-A

    Zhongdi Temperature-controlled Soldering Station ZD-8961-A

    This temperature-controlled digital soldering station with adjustable temperature range from 160°C to 480°C is an affordable and reliable tool for all kinds of soldering work in the (home) laboratory. Thanks to the high-quality coated heating element, the desired soldering temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit) is quickly reached and shown on the LED display. Features A temperature controlled soldering station with adjustable temperature range from 160°C to 480°C (320°F to 896°F). A two-line LED readout simultaneously displays temperature setting and actual temperature. Gloss finish pleasing to the eye. Compact and lightweight soldering iron with silicone cord. A user-friendly soldering iron handle with a foam sleeve. Easier way to achieve °C/°F conversion with the asterisk button. Specifications Power 25 W (max. 50 W) Display LED Temperature 160°C to 480°C (320°F to 896°F) Temperature deviation ±5% Grounded Yes Heating rate Melt solder within 20s Withstand voltage 1500/1MA Input voltage AC 220-240 V (50 Hz) Output voltage 24 V Included Soldering station ZD-8961-A Solderin iron stand Soldering iron with soldering tip N8-1 Cleaning sponge Cleaning ball Power cord (EU)

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  • Electronics Tool Set ZD-979B

    Zhongdi Electronics Tool Set ZD-979B

    This tool set contains essential tools for all kinds of electronic work. Included Soldering iron Desoldering pump Precision screwdriver 2.5x75 mm Screwdriver 3x75 mm Screwdriver 5x75 mm Screwdriver 6x125 mm Long nose plier (5') Diagonal cutting plier (4.5') IC extractor Wire stripper & cutter Multimeter Hex key wrench Soldering wire Component storage box Tweezers (Long nose) Bag size: 340 x 210 x 50 mm

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  •  -30% Soldering Mat ZD-154-1A

    Zhongdi Soldering Mat ZD-154-1A

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    This silicone soldering mat can be used as a base for all kinds of soldering work such as assembly or repair. Specifications Withstands 200-230°C constantly and 480-500°C for short periods Ideal for soldering electronics components or repairing PCBs, smartphones, etc. Color: Green Dimensions: 209 x 295 mm

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  •  -10% Magnifying LED Desk Lamp ZD-129

    Zhongdi Magnifying LED Desk Lamp ZD-129

    This desk lamp is ideal for your workplace. With the 5-inch 5D-lens, the finest work can be done. The lamp has 80 integrated LEDs. Features Lens size: 5 inch Lens material: glass Diopter: 5D Light source: T5 22 W fluorescent energy-saving bulb (80pcs LED) Standard mount: table base Voltage: 220-240 V Power: 22 W

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  •  -50% Solder Fume Extractor ZD-153A

    Zhongdi Solder Fume Extractor ZD-153A

    Fumes released during the soldering process are potentially harmful to health. This solder fume extractor is securely fastened to the work table with a bracket. Thanks to the 3 axes, the solder fume extractor can be positioned perfectly, i.e. directly above the rising solder fumes. The harmful solder fumes are extracted by a powerful but quiet fan and filtered by an activated-carbon filter mat. Features Removes solder fumes Absorbs toxic gases and fumes from brazing operations Helps reduce the likelihood of headaches, eye irration and neusea Adjustable absorption angle for accurate placement Easy replaceable activated carbon filter High-performance fan Low noise and long life service Specifications Absorption capacity: 1 m³/min (max.) Power consumption: 23 W Power supply: 220-240 VAC Amount of activated carbon filter: 7 g Maximum absorption weight: 2 g Dimensions: 220 x 270 x 168 mm (W x H x D) Weight: 1.4 kg

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  • Temperature-controlled Soldering Station ZD-931

    Zhongdi Temperature-controlled Soldering Station ZD-931

    The powerful soldering station with LCD panel has been designed for a wide temperature range (from 150-450°C) and is ideal for general purpose soldering as well as specialized lead-free soldering applications. The soldering iron is controlled automatically by the microprocessor. With its high-quality sensor the heat exchange system guarantees precise temperature control at the soldering tip. This digital temperature controlled soldering station includes a holder and cleaning sponge. Specificaties Operating voltage 220-240 V, 50 Hz Power consumption 80 W Soldering iron power 48 W Operating voltage soldering iron 24 V Temperature (adjustable) 150-450°C Dimensions 195 x 87 x 165 mm

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  • PCB Holder ZD-11E

    Zhongdi PCB Holder ZD-11E

    This adjustable circuit board holder is ideal for clamping PCB for soldering, desoldering or rework. Features 2 adjustable grips on a retractable stand to accommodate various board sizes. The adjustable clamps allow the PCB to rotate 360 degrees and stay set in any position. The base of this rigid metal stand features four rubber feet to ensure stability. Specifications Product size 30 x 16.5 x 12.5 cm Max. holding size 20 x 14 cm Weight 450 g

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  • Repair Platform Tool and PCB Holder ZD-11F

    Zhongdi Repair Platform Tool and PCB Holder ZD-11F

    This multi-purpose tool offers an excellent all round solution, ideal for holding big size PCBs and desoldering work, etc.Features The arms of the repair station can move up and down conveniently, easy for operation. The adjustable parts are made of the same material for microscope, with high quality, perfect stability and precision. The rubber feet can move in all directions, ensuring the operation platform is always on a flat surface. Suitable for desoldering BGA ICs. Specifications Rough adjusting range in height 0∼230mm Precise adjusting range in height 0∼60 mm Max. holding size of PCB 250 mm (length or width) Min. holding size of PCB 20 mm (length or width)

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