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  • RTL-SDR V4 (Software Defined Radio) with Dipole Antenna Kit

    RTL-SDR RTL-SDR V4 (Software Defined Radio) with Dipole Antenna Kit

    Best value RTL-SDR on the market RTL-SDR is an affordable dongle that can be used as a computer-based radio scanner for receiving live radio signals between 500 kHz and 1.75 GHz in your area. The new RTL-SDR V4 offers several improvements over generic brands including use of the R828D tuner chip, triplexed input filter, notch filter, improved component tolerances, a 1 PPM temperature compensated oscillator (TCXO), SMA F connector, aluminium case with passive cooling, bias tee circuit, improved power supply, and a built in HF upconverter. RTL-SDR V4 comes with the portable dipole antenna kit. It is great for beginners as it allows for terrestrial and satellite reception and easy to mount outdoors and designed for portable and temporary outside usage. Features Improved HF reception: V4 now uses a built-in upconverter instead of using a direct sampling circuit. This means no more Nyquist folding of signals around 14.4 MHz, improved sensitivity, and adjustable gain on HF. Like the V3, the lower tuning range remains at 500 kHz and very strong reception may still require front end attenuation/filtering. Improved filtering: The V4 makes use of the R828D tuner chip, which has three inputs. The SMA input has been triplexed input into 3 bands: HF, VHF and UHF. This provides some isolation between the 3 bands, meaning out of band interference from strong broadcast stations is less likely to cause desensitization or imaging. Improved filtering x2: In addition to the triplexing, the open drain pin on the R828D can be also used, which allows to add simple notch filters for common interference bands such as broadcast AM, broadcast FM and the DAB bands. These only attenuate by a few dB, but may still help. Improved phase noise on strong signals: Due to an improved power supply design, phase noise from power supply noise has been significantly reduced. Less heat: Another advantage of the improved power supply is low power consumption and less heat generation compared to the V3. Contents 1x RTL-SDR V4 dongle (R828D RTL2832U 1PPM TCXO SMA) 2x 23 cm to 1 m telescopic antenna 2x 5 cm to 13 cm telescopic antenna 1x Dipole antenna base with 60 cm RG174 1x 3 m RG174 extension cable 1x Flexible tripod mount 1x Suction cup mount Links User Guide Quick Start Guide SDR# User Guide Dipole Antenna Guide

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