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  • JOY-iT Zero Delay Encoder USB Joystick

    JOY-iT JOY-iT Zero Delay Encoder USB Joystick

    The Zero Delay Encoder Encoder makes it simple to attach your own arcade joysticks and buttons, and to connect to the Raspberry, PC or other devices. Create your own controller and enjoy your games without any compromises or control your robot project according to your ideas. Features Compatible with Linux, Windows, MAME and other common emulators and systems. Complete controller base with all cables included Supports up to 12 buttons Auto, Fire and Turbo modes Additional connection: Sanwa/Seimitsu 5-Pin LEDs: 1 × Power-LED, 1 × Mode-LED The scope of delivery includes Zero Delay Encoder, USB Cable, 13 × 4.8 mm cable.

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