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  • STEMTera Breadboard – Arduino-compatible built-in Breadboard

    STEMTera STEMTera - Arduino Uno compatible Breadboard

    STEMTera is a programmable breadboard module, compatible with Arduino Uno. It has two microcontrollers built in: ATmega328P and ATmega32U2 and the I/O (40 mA per pin) are accessible without cabling. The underside of the board (112 x 80 x 17 mm) is compatible with LEGO. Specifications Pin-to-pin compatible with Arduino Uno Mechanically compatible with LEGO blocks Two microcontrollers (41 I/O of which 9 as PWM) USB interface with ATmega32U2 using LUFA (Lightweight USB Framework for AVRs) for keyboard, joystick, MIDI, etc... Programming with the Arduino IDE (micro-USB) Reset button, 4 LEDs (including TX, RX, Power), power connector Power via micro-USB or 7...20 VDC on socket 5,5 x 2,1 mm (+ center) Multiple programming environments: Atmel Studio Arduino IDE AVR-GCC AVR-GCC with LUFA library Scratch etc Remarks: Body colour is black | Cables are not included | Shields with ICSP under the PCB can not be inserted Microcontrollers ATmega328P: 14 pins of I/O including 6 PWM 6 analog inputs (10 bit ADC) I²C, SPI and serial Interrupt controller ATmega32U2: 21 pins of I/O Flash Memory: 32 KB SRAM: 2 KB EEPROM: 1 KB Clock: 16 MHz Downloads Beginner's Guide

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Discover Elektor's measuring instruments collection

Elektor is the place for professionals and enthusiasts involved in electronics. We not only offer a source of education and inspiration, but also an extensive range of measuring instruments. These tools are essential for anyone who wants to take their projects to the next level of precision. Whether you are working on a complex design or testing a basic component, Elektor measuring instruments guarantee reliability and quality.

Essential measuring tools for your Projects

Elektor understands that good measuring instruments are the heart of every electronics project. That is why we have a wide range of oscilloscopes, multimeters, signal generators and more in our range. These tools have been carefully selected to meet the needs of both the hobbyist and the professional. With our measuring instruments you can tackle any electronics challenge with confidence.

In the rapidly changing world of electronics, it is crucial to have access to the latest technology. Our measuring instruments are equipped with the latest developments in electronics, so that you are always ahead of the curve. At Elektor you will find everything you need to support your electronics projects, from simple tools to advanced measuring equipment.

More than just measuring instruments

At Elektor it is more than just offering tools; we provide a community and a platform for knowledge sharing. In addition to measuring instruments, Elektor magazine offers ideas, information and inspiration for your next project. We are a source of innovation for electronics designers, both for professional use and for hobby projects.

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  • Quality and Diversity: An extensive range of high-quality measuring instruments.
  • Competitive Prices: Competitive prices with extra benefits for Elektor members.
  • Expertise and Support: Years of experience in electronics and a reliable source of knowledge and inspiration.

Prepare for success in your electronics projects with Elektor measuring instruments. Visit our collection today and find the perfect tools to suit your needs. With Elektor you choose quality, innovation and a community that is as passionate about electronics as you are.


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