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  • Oxocard Connect Innovator Kit

    Oxocard Oxocard Connect Innovator Kit

    With this comprehensive complete set, you can now enter the fascinating world of electronics. In addition to an Oxocard Connect and a breadboard cartridge, it contains 96 electronic components with which you can build a variety of electronic circuits. Features Free and unlimited access to the editor with a variety of scripts that you can transfer to your Oxocard Connect at the touch of a button. Electronics course with 15 experiments that show you step by step how to switch LEDs, connect a servo, generate acoustic signals with a piezo and much more. Oxocard Connect High quality microcontroller device with TFT screen, glass cover, joystick, USB-C, as well as revolutionary 16-pin cartridge slot. The Oxocard Connect represents the next generation of small experimental computers. The universal cartridge slot allows ready-made or self-developed boards to be brought to life instantly by simply plugging them in. Each card comes with drivers and demo programs installed and automatically loaded and started when plugged in. Breadboard Cartridge With the Breadboard you can quickly plug in your own circuits. A plug-in board with 17 rows is available for this purpose. Connections: two analog inputs, five digital ports, I²C, SPI, GND/V3.3. access to the 5 V power source of the port. Red LEDs are attached to the digital pins. 5 V can also be injected to power the Oxocard Connect without USB. Included 1x Oxocard Connect 1x Breadboard Cartridge Electronic components 1x PIR-Sensor (Motion detector) 1x Thermistor 10 kΩ (Temperature sensor) 1x Photoresistor 10 kΩ (Light sensor) 1x Potentiometer 1x Mikroservo SG92R 1x Piezo (Acoustic signals) 3x LED (green, yellow, red) 2x Buttons 9x Resistances 75x Cables (angled) – various colors and lengths

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