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  • Makerfabs DIY ESP32 SmartClock Kit with Weather Forecasting

    Makerfabs Makerfabs DIY ESP32 SmartClock Kit with Weather Forecasting

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    This is a soldering kit for the starters to learn soldering. After 1-2 hours soldering and assembly, and easy steps to set the Wifi name/password with a phone, you will get: A real-time clock, it will get the world real-time from the Network timing protocol, you can set your local time zone easily An Alarm clock, with loud noise An Online world weather forecaster, about the local temperature/weather, you can easily change/alter your address/cities without any re-programming To reduce the soldering difficulty, all the SMD parts have been soldered, you only need to solder the THT parts, and then set the Wifi network with a phone, and finally turn on the power to enjoy the success. Included ESP32 SmartClock kit mainboard Batch of capacitors & resistors/connectors Colorful LCD module Lipo battery Acrylic boards Nuts & screws Downloads User Manual Source code on GitHub

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  • Makerfabs Acoustic Levitator DIY Kit

    Makerfabs Makerfabs Acoustic Levitator DIY Kit

    Included 76x 10 mm 40 kHz transducers 1x Arduino Nano 1x L298N Dual Motor Drive Board 1x Power Switch 1x DC Adaptor 9 V 1x Jumper Wires 6x Black and Red Wire Some Exposed Wire 1x 3D-Printed TinyLev Documents Instructables Scientific Information

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  • Last stock! Makerfabs LoRa Soil Monitoring & Irrigation Kit (EU868)

    Makerfabs Makerfabs LoRa Soil Monitoring & Irrigation Kit (EU868)

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    This kit is based on ESP32 and LoRa. The ESP32 3.5' display is the console for the system, it receives the LoRa message from LoRa moisture sensors (support up to 8 sensors in the default firmware) , and send control commands to LoRa 4-channel MOSFET (2 4-channel MOSFET supported, with totally 8 channels), to control the connected valves open/close, and thus to control the irrigation for multiple points. Features Ready to use: Firmware are pre-programmed for all the modules before shipping, the user can only power them up and set the ID to the console, and start to use. Suitable for none-programmers, in 3 minutes to create filed application. With Lora wireless connection: The monitor & control range can be up to few kilometer, suitable for garden/small farm. Soil moisture sensor with good corrosion resistance, can be used at least half an year with 2 AAA battery. Easy to install: Compares to cheap solution with wires, which is hard to implement in files application, there the connection wires do not needed, the whole installation clean and easy; The valves can be connected Lora MOSFET easily. Hardware & Software Open: To study Lora & FreeRTOS. The ESP32 display console/Lora Soil Moisture Sensor/LoRa MOSFE are all programmed with Arduino. For programmers/engineers, can development further more specialized application. Based on ESP32, with WiFi connection, the console can also access to internet, the create much more applications including the moisture data updating to internet for remote monitor, and remote control with MQTT. Included 1x ESP32 3.5' Display (without camera) 1x Lora Expansion for ESP32 Display 2x Lora Moisture Sensor 1x Lora 4-channel MOSFET 1x 12 V Power Supply Water Pipe (5 m) 1x 1-input & 4-output Pipe Joint Downloads Instructable: Soil Monitoring & Irrigation with LoRa GitHub

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  • Arduino Uno Experimenting Kit

    Makerfabs Arduino Uno Experimenting Kit

    With this kit you can built all the projects described in the book 'Mastering the Arduino Uno R4'. The kit comes with several LEDs, sensors, actuators, and other components. The purpose of the kit is to make a flying start with hardware and software aspects of projects designed around the Arduino Uno microcontroller system. Included 1x RFID reader module 1x DS1302 clock module 1x 5 V stepper motor 1x '2003' stepper motor drive board 5x Green LED 5x Yellow LED 5x Red LED 2x Rocker switch 1x Flame sensor 1x LM35 sensor module 1x Infrared receiver 3x Light-dependent resistors (LDRs) 1x IR remote controller 1x Breadboard 4x Pushbutton (with four caps) 1x Buzzer 1x Piezo sounder 1x Adjustable resistor (potentiometer) 1x 74HC595 shift register 1x 7-segment display 1x 4-digit 7-segment display 1x 8x8 Dot-matrix display 1x 1602 / I²C LCD module 1x DHT11 Temperature and humidity module 1x Relay module 1x Sound module Set of Dupont cables Set of Breadboard cables 1x Water sensor 1x PS2 Joystick 5x 1 k-ohm resistor 5x 10 k-ohm resistor 5x 220-ohm resistor 1x 4x4 keypad module 1x 9g Servo (25 cm) 1x RFID card 1x RGB module 1x 9 V battery DC jack

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