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  • Diamex LED Tube Clock ESP Kit

    Diamex Diamex LED Tube Clock ESP Kit

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    The Diamex LED Tube Clock ESP Kit has a WLAN interface, with which the current highly accurate time can be retrieved directly from the Internet via the home router. In addition, a battery-buffered real-time clock is built in, which takes over when no WLAN is available. The WLAN access data are configured via the LED-Basic development environment (from version 15.3.0). The Diamex LED Tube Clock ESP Kit can be operated worldwide, the time zone can be chosen arbitrarily. The winter/summer time changeover is done automatically. Specifications 8-digit, bright 7-segment display Real-time clock including mounting bracket for a CR2012 battery Time setting via PC, WLAN or directly at the clock 4 buttons Beeper (sound output) Micro USB port for power supply, basic data, bios update and terminal output Board size: approx. 130 x 75 mm

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  • NixieCron-M4 – 4-digit LED Nixie Clock with RTC and Sound (Kit)

    Diamex NixieCron-M4 - 4-digit LED Nixie Clock with RTC and Sound (Kit)

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    The NixieCron M4 offers a high-precision watch chip, temperature compensated with a deviation of only a few seconds per month. It comes with a sound module, that plays hour gong and announces the current time at the push of a button. You can also connect it with the DS18B20 temperature sensor and configure it via a rotary knob. Changes, updates, extensions are easily possible via the LED-Basic development environment. Size: 250 x 120 x 100 mm Power supply 5 V via Micro-USB connection. Almost any 5 V mobile phone power supply (min. 500 mA) with Micro-USB plug can be used to power it up. Alternatively: Micro-USB cable for connection to the PC. Click here to download the software necessary for any modifications you want to perform.

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