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  • Arduino Make-Your-Uno Kit

    Arduino Arduino Make-Your-Uno Kit

    Learn the basics of electronics by assembling manually your Arduino Uno, become familiar with soldering by mounting every single component, and then unleash your creativity with the only kit that becomes a synth! The Arduino Make-Your-Uno kit is really the best way to learn how to solder. And when you are done, the packaging allows you to build a synth and make your music. A kit with all the components to build your very own Arduino Uno and audio synthesizer shield. The Make-Your-Uno kit comes with a complete set of instructions in a dedicated content platform. This includes video material, a 3D interactive viewer for following detailed instructions, and how to program your board once it is finished. This kit contains: Arduino Make-Your-Uno 1x Make-Your-Uno PCB 1x USB C Serial adapter Board 7x Resistors 1k Ohm 2x Resistors 10k Ohm 2x Resistors 1M Ohm 1x Diode (1N4007) 1x 16 MHz Crystal 4x Yellow LEDs 1x Green LED 1x Push-Button 1x MOSFET 1x LDO (3.3 V) 1x LDO (5 V) 3x Ceramic capacitors (22pF) 3x Electrolytic capacitors (47uF) 7x Polyester capacitors (100nF) 1x Socket for ATMega 328p 2x I/O Connectors 1x Connector header 6 pins 1x Barrel jack connector 1x ATmega 328p Microcontroller Arduino Audio Synth 1x Audio Synth PCB 1x Resistor 100k Ohm 1x Resistor 10 Ohm 1x Audio amplifier (LM386) 1x Ceramic capacitors (47nF) 1x Electrolytic capacitors (47uF) 1x Electrolytic capacitors (220uF) 1x Polyester capacitor (100nF) 4x connectors pin header 6x potentiometer 10k Ohm with plastic knobs Spare parts 2x Electrolytic capacitors (47uF) 2x Polyester capacitor (100nF) 2x Ceramic capacitors (22pF) 1x Push-Button 1x Yellow LEDs 1x Green LED Mechanical parts 5x Spacers 12 mm 11x Spacers 6 mm 5x screw nuts 2x screws 12 mm

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