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  •  -18% Temperature-controlled Soldering Station with Fume Extractor & LED Light (3-in-1) ZD-8951

    Zhongdi Temperature-controlled Soldering Station with Fume Extractor & LED Light (3-in-1) ZD-8951

    The ZD-8951 is a 3-in-1 temperature-controlled digital soldering station with built-in fume extractor and LED lighting. The rapid-heating function reaches a temperature of 400°C in less than 1 minute. Specifications (Soldering Iron) Power: 60 W (max. 130 W) Temperature range: 160°C to 480°C (320°F to 896°F) PTC rapid heating element With °C/°F conversion function Temperature can be easily adjusted with the knob. LCD display with changing backlight. With rapid heating function, it takes less than 1 minute to rise from the room temperature to 400°C (752°F). Specifications (Fume Extractor) Power: 23 W Air flow: 1 m³/min (max) Specifications (LED Light) Power: 5 W Lighting: 12 LEDs Brightness: 242 lm

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  •  -17% Digitaal Desoldeerstation ZD-915

    Zhongdi Digital Desoldering Station ZD-915

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    The ZD-915 is a digital desoldering station with ESD protection and digital display of both the actual and set value on an LCD screen. This desoldering station has high power in a compact and robust housing and makes desoldering easy, because it can be operated with one hand. The ZD-915 features a soldering gun that houses a filter that catches any sucked material, so you only need to replace the filters to continue. There is also a temperature sensor in the tip so that temperature fluctuations can be quickly absorbed. Features The temperature is easily adjusted by simple up/down buttons. 140 W temperature controlled soldering station with adjustable range from 160 °C to 480 °C. The desoldering station is designed for lead free desoldering specially. The side of the station features a typical holder with sponge. An illuminated power on/off is also loacted on the front. Specifications Station Voltage supply 220-240 V Power consumption 140 W Vakuum pressure 600 mm HG Desoldering Gun Power consumption 24 V AC 80 WHeat up rating 130 W Temperature 160-480 °C Heating element Ceramic heater Included 1x Desoldering station ZD-915 2x Spare soldering tip 3x Cleaning needle for desoldering tips 1x Spare filter for desoldering gun 1x Manual

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  •  -18% 2-in-1 SMD Hetelucht Rework Station ZD-8922

    Zhongdi 2-in-1 SMD Hot Air Rework Station ZD-8922

    This 2-in-1 SMD hot air soldering station offers a cost-effective solution for soldering and desoldering all types of SMD components. Features Incl. soldering iron and hot air pump. It is suitable for soldering and desoldering all types of surface mounted IC, PCB or components. The control unit has 2 LEDs that display the temperature and in °C and °F. The temperature can be easily adjusted with simple up/down buttoms. The hot air temperature can be calibrated from 3L/min to 24L/min continuously. Temperature is micro-processor controlled and can be adjusted. Temperature range: 50-480 °C for soldering iron, 100-500 °C for hot air pump. Specifications Power Soldering iron: 24 V, 60 WHot air pump: 300 W Power supply 220-240 VAC 50 Hz Temperature range Soldering iron: 50-480 °CHot air pump: 100-500 °C Dimensions 113 x 125 x 175 mm Weight 2 kg Included 1x Soldering station 1x Soldering iron 1x Hot air gun 3x Hot air nozzle 1x Soldering iron with needle bit 1x Power cord 1x Soldering iron stand with sponge

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