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  • Poste de soudage Weller WE 1010 à commande numérique avec kit d'apprentissage

    Weller Weller WE 1010 Digital Soldering Station (Education Kit)

    Simply switch on and solder with the new WE1010 soldering station. Weller has developed a new soldering station especially for education, professional users and cable assembly. Features 70W solder iron with ergonomic handle and providing toolless tip change ESD safe station, iron and heat-resistant silicon cable for safe handling Using ET soldering tips Standby mode and auto setback conserves energy, protects equipment Password-protected to preserve settings 170MN general purpose shear cutter, diagonal, flush. The greatly reduced mechanical shock delivered to the component, ESD safe WSW solder wire; all-purpose solder wire with excellent wetting properties Specifications Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 150 x 120 x 98 mm (5.91 x 4.72 x 3.86') Weight (approx.) in kg: 3.07 Voltage: 230 V Channels: 1 Temperature range (depends on tool) °C: 100 - 450 Temperature range (depends on tool) °F: 200 - 850 Temperature accuracy °C: Average tip temperature can be „offset“ to +/- 5°C at idle with no load Temperature accuracy °F: Average tip temperature can be „offset“ to +/- 9°F at idle with no load Temperature stability °C: ± 6 Temperature stability °F: ± 10 Heating time (approx.) in seconds (50–350 °C/120–660 °F): 28 sec. Power: 85 W Included Power unit 1-channel 70 W with soldering iron WEP 70 and safety rest PH 70 Shearcutter 170 mn WSW SCN M1 Solder Wire 100 g Soldering Tips ETA 1,6 mm, ETB 2,4 mm

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