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  •  -16% PCW07D Laboratory Switching Power Supply (DC 0-50 V, 0-6 A)

    PCWork PCW07D Laboratory Switching Power Supply (DC 0-50 V, 0-6 A)

    The PCW07D laboratory power supply is a high quality DC switching power supply designed specifically for laboratory applications. With an output voltage of 0-50 V and an output current of 0-6 A, it offers a maximum power of 150 W to handle even the most demanding tasks. Whether you are a student working on projects or a professional user who needs precise results, this power supply will meet your needs. Stable and accurate output for precise measurements and experiments The PCW07D laboratory power supply features stable and precise output. Thanks to innovative technology, it delivers a constant voltage or current regardless of load changes or fluctuating input voltages. This stability ensures accurate measurements and precise experiments. The power supply has high setting accuracy, so you can target your desired values. Intuitive operation and convenient functions The PCW07D laboratory power supply offers you intuitive operation and practical functions. The large, 4-digit LED display makes it easy to read the set values. The 3 memory buttons allow you to save your favorite settings and recall them at any time. The ability to set over-voltage and over-current protection functions provides additional safety. The innovative design of the laboratory power supply is not only visually impressive, but also offers practical advantages. The compact dimensions allow space-saving installation in the laboratory. The USB interface allows you to connect to other devices and the lock function provides additional protection against unauthorized operation. In addition, the power supply features short-circuit, overload, overheat and current-limit protection to keep your equipment and applications safe. Specifications Regulated output voltage 0-50 V Regulated output current 0-6 A (max output 150 W) Input voltage 104~127 V AC (60 Hz)207~253 V AC (50 Hz) Line regulation CV ≤0.1% +3 mV CC ≤0.2% +3 mA Load regulation CV ≤0.1% +3 mV CC ≤0.5% +10 mA Ripple and noise CV ≤5 mVr.m.s CC ≤20 mAr.m.s Protection Current limiting and short-circuit protection, over current protection, over voltage protection Voltage indication accuracy LED ±0.5% +5 digits Current indication accuracy LED ±0.5% +5 digits Environment 0~+40°C relative humidity <90%

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