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  •  -15% JOY-iT RD6006 Labvoeding Bundel (360 W)

    JOY-iT JOY-iT RD6006 DC Power Supply Bundle (360 W)

    8 reviews

    The lab power supply JT-RD6006 provides up to 60 V and 6 A in combination with the powerful DC power source. Due to the keypad and a push and rotary encoder, the operation of the power supply unit is very comfortable. In addition, you can easily save and reload up to nine settings using the keypad. The high-resolution 2.4-inch colour display clearly shows all important information. The USB interface and an optional wireless network interface enable the device to be operated via PC or with an app from mobile devices. Moreover, the device has different protection and limit functions like constant voltage operation, constant current operation, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection and replaceable fuses on the board itself (backside of the power supply). Specifications Input voltage 6-70 V Output voltage 0-60 V Output current 0-6 A Output power 0-360 W Voltage resolution 0.01 V Current resolution 0.001 A Capacity measuring range 0-9999.99 Ah Energy measuring range 0-9999.99 Wh Residual ripple 100 mV(pp) at maximal capacity Display 2.4 inch LCD Dimensions (housing) 172 x 86 x 310 mm Weight (incl. device, power supply and housing) 3 kg Included JT-RD6006 DC Power Supply Power Supply for JT-RD6006 (RD6006-NT) Large aluminium housing for JT-RD6006 (Case02) ESP-12F WiFi Module Downloads Datasheet JT-RD6006 Manual JT-RD6006 PC Software Windows driver Mac driver Linux driver

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  • JOY-iT RD6006 DC Power Supply (360 W)

    JOY-iT JOY-iT RD6006 DC Power Supply (360 W)

    The JT-RD6006 is a buck step down direct voltage power supply unit which can be used in different operation modes (f.i. Constant current or constant voltage mode, etc.). Due to the keypad and a push and rotary encoder, the operation of the power supply unit is very comfortable. In addition, you can easily save and reload up to nine settings using the keypad. The high-resolution 2.4-inch colour display clearly shows all important information. The USB interface and an optional wireless network interface enable the device to be operated via PC or with an app from mobile devices. It has also diverse protection and limitation functions like f. i. Constant voltage, constant current operation mode or Overvoltage and Overcurrent protection and switchable fuses on the board (back side). Features Battery charging function Value input comfortable via keypad Overcurrent /overvoltage protection adjustable Specifications Input Voltage 6 - 70 V Output Voltage 0 - 60 V Output Current 0 - 6 A Output Power 0 - 360 W Voltage Resolution 0.01 V Current Resolution 0.001 A Capacity Measurement Range 0 - 9999.99 Ah Energy Measurement Range 0 - 9999.99 Wh Residual Ripple 100 mV(pp) (at maximal capacity) Display 2.4 Inch LCD Working Temperature Range -10 to 40 °C Dimensions 167 x 81 x 65 mm Weight 607 g Downloads Datasheet JT-RD6006 Manual JT-RD6006 PC Software Windows driver Mac driver Linux driver

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  • JOY-iT PSG9080 Programmable Signal Generator (80 MHz)

    JOY-iT JOY-iT PSG9080 Programmable Signal Generator (80 MHz)

    2 reviews

    The PSG9080 programmable signal generator can generate many different waveforms such as sine, square, triangle, pulse and custom waves. The signal generator has a wide frequency range from 1 nHz to 80 MHz and a sampling rate of 300 MSa/s. The housing is of high quality and offers non-slip feet for comfortable working. Different signal modulation methods, such as frequency modulation, phase modulation, amplitude modulation, pulse width modulation, frequency shift keying, are no longer a challenge with this device. The integrated measuring function also makes it possible to measure the frequency, period and duty cycle of external signals and display them on the screen in real time. The signal generator is very easy to operate with its intuitive key layout and high-resolution 3.5-inch colour LCD. Different settings can be saved in groups and thus recalled very quickly. In addition, the menu can be displayed in English, German and French. Features Modulation functions AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK, PWM, Burst Sample rate 300 MSa/s Vertical wave resolution 14 bit Signal forms Lorentz pulse, pulse, half-wave, noise, exponential rise/fall, etc. Frequency rangesSineSquare, PulseTriangle, arbitraryTTL 1 nHz - 80 MHz1 nHz - 30 MHz1 nHz - 50 MHz1 nHz - 20 MHz Min. Frequency resolution 1 nHz Frequency accuracy ± 5 ppm Frequency stability ± 3 ppm / 1 year Permis. operation temp. 0 - 40°C Permis. operation humidity < 80% Permis. operation temp. 0 - 40°C Voltage / input 85 V - 264 VAC / 47 - 63 Hz Display 3.5' TFT colour LCD Connection BNC signal clips Dimensions 219 x 240 x 160 mm Scope of delivery JOY-iT PSG9080 signal generator 2x BNC signal clips Connection cable

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  • JOY-iT PS1440-C Programmable Laboratory Power Supply (1440 W)

    JOY-iT JOY-iT PS1440-C Programmable Laboratory Power Supply (1440 W)

    With the JOY-iT PS1440-C you get a programmable laboratory power supply, which provides you with DC voltages between 0.01 to 60 V and DC currents between 0.01 to 24 A at the voltage output. With the help of the intuitive control panel up to 9 different DC voltages can be programmed, stored and recalled, even individual settings of various protection and limiting functions (e.g. overvoltage protection) are programmable. The corresponding values can be set very conveniently via the keypad and/or the rotary control and are clearly displayed thanks to the high-resolution 2.4' color display. Features Complete device ready for immediate use Battery charging function Values can be entered conveniently via keypad Over current & over voltage protection adjustable Integrated RTC, NTC temperature sensor Included detailed documentation in English, German & French Specifications Input voltage 230 V Output voltage 0-60 V Output current 0-24 A Output power 0-1440 W Input voltage accuracy ±1% + 5 digits Output voltage accuracy ±0.3% + 3 digits Output current accuracy ±0.5% + 5 digits Battery voltage ±0.5% + 3 digits Input voltage measurement resolution 0.01 V Output voltage measurement resolution 0.01 V Current measurement resolution 0.01 V Battery voltage measurement resolution 0.01 V Response time in constant voltage mode 2 ms @ 0.1-5 A Load regulation in constant voltage mode ±0.1% + 2 digits Load regulation in constant current mode ±0.1% + 3 digits Measuring range electric charge 0-9999.99 Ah Measuring range energy 0-9999.99 Wh Statistical errors in electric charge & energy ±2% Output ripple 100 mV VPP @ 12 V150 mV VPP @ 24 V Sensor temperature detection range −10~+100°C (0-200°F) Sensor temperature detection accuracy ±3°C (±6°F) Working mode Step-down operation Screen brightness setting Level 0-5, 6 levels in total Permissible working temperature −10~+40°C (0-104°F) Dimensions 170 x 93 x 340 mm Included JT-PS1440-C power supply Power cord Manual Downloads Manual

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  •  -50% JOY-iT Magnetic Multimedia Case for Raspberry Pi 4

    JOY-iT JOY-iT Magnetic Multimedia Case for Raspberry Pi 4

    This multimedia case for all Raspberry Pi 4 models is characterized by high functionality, modern design and a sumptuous equipment: Integrated IR receiver, controllable with almost all IR remote controls Controllable LED lighting Switching on/off, controlling additional functions of the Raspberry Pi Active, quiet cooling Toolless, magnetic assembly All connections of the Raspberry Pi are on the backside GPIO port is accessible via separate lid Perfect as a multimedia platform in the living room, desktop device or for the use in digital signage. Specifications Material Acryl Color Black Compatible to Raspberry Pi 4 Power supply 5 VDC (USB-C) Microcontroller STM32F030F4P Infrared receiver TSOP4838 LEDs 4x WS2812Mini Led out connections 1x USB-C, 1x Aux, 2x microHDMIFrom Raspberry Pi: 2x USB-A 3.0, 2x USB-A 2.0, 1x RJ45 Weight 280 g Dimensions 113 x 100 x 38 mm Scope of delivery Multimedia case, adapter board, control board, Aux adapter cable Downloads Datasheet (177.9 KB) Manual (3.5 MB) Expert Guide (6.5 MB) Firmware v1.0.9-beta (11.2 KB) Addons for LibreElec 9 (2.6 MB) Code Examples Addon - Multimedia Case Configuration Addon - LED Configuration Addon - IR Control Configuration Prepared LibreElec Image Prepared LibreElec Image 10.BETA GitHub

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  • JOY-iT LCR-T7 Multi-function Component Tester

    JOY-iT JOY-iT LCR-T7 Multi-function Component Tester

    1 review

    This LCR meter offers a wide range of functions at a low price. The LCR meter can measure capacitance, resistance, and inductance among other things. In addition, it can automatically recognize components, for example, it can distinguish between different types of transistors, such as NPN or PNP transistors. The device is particularly easy to operate, as all measurements are started at the touch of a single button. Thanks to the integrated 350 mAh battery, measurements can also be carried out on the road. The battery is charged with the help of a 5 V power supply unit (available separately) and the enclosed micro-USB cable. In addition, this measuring device can decode infrared signals and show them as a waveform on the display. Specifications Measurable components Resistor, capacitor, inductor, thyristor, triac, (double) diode, Z-diode, field effect transistor, bipolar transistor, infrared decoder Display type 3.5" TFT LCD (160 x 128 p) Special features Automatic calibration, One key operation Built-in battery Lithium Ion rechargeable, 3,7 V, 350 mAh Dimensions 90 x 70 x 27 mm Items delivered Tester, Micro-USB cable, Test clip, LED, Capacitor Measuring Ranges Capacitance 25 pF - 100 mF Resistance 0.01 Ω - 50 MΩ Inductance 0.01 mH - 20 H Battery 0.1 V - 4.5 V, 300 mAh Z-diode breakdown voltage 0.01 V - 30 V Z-diode 0.01 V - 4.5 V Diode UF < 4,5 V Thyristor / Triac IGT < 6 mA Downloads Manual

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  •  -10% JOY-iT JT-RAD01 Stralingsmeter (Geiger-teller)

    JOY-iT JOY-iT JT-RAD01 Nuclear Radiation Meter (Geiger Counter)

    The JT-RAD01 is a radiation meter for the detection of γ-, β- and X-ray radiation and is characterized by its particularly easy handling, high measurement stability and its handy and robust design. The meter has a large color LCD with backlight. The measurement results can be displayed both as clear statistics and graphically for easy evaluation. Specifications Detectable types of radiation γ-rays, β-rays, x-rays Measurement method Geiger-Müller Counter Dosis units μSv/h, μGy/h, mR/h, cps, cpm Alarm modes LED, vibration, sound Special features Real-time view and graph view, alarm when current and cumulative limits are exceeded Dosis rate 0.00 – 1000 μSv/h (10 mSv/h) Cummulative radiation dose 0.00 μSv – 500.0 mSv Energy range 48 keV – 1.5 MeV ≤±30% (CS-137) Sensitivity 80 CPM/μSv (Co-60) Battery 1100 mAh Lithium-ion Selectable languages English, German Dimensions 4.8 x 3.03 x 1.06' (122 x 77 x 27 mm) Included JT-RAD01 Nuclear Radiation Meter USB-C cable Manual (English/German)

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  •  -15% JOY-iT Joy-View 15 Touchscreen

    JOY-iT JOY-iT Joy-View 15 Touchscreen

    1 review

    Specifications Resolution 1920 x 1080 Screen Size 15.6' Refresh Rate 60 Hz Contrast 800:1 Brightness 300 nit Screen Type TFT IPS LCD Backlight LED Backlight Color Gamut 16.7M, NTSC 72%, sRGB up to 100% Speaker Double Speaker Viewing Angle 178 ° Aspect Ratio 16:9 Power Supply 5 - 20 V or Type-C USB 3.0 Inputs Mini HDMI, Type-C, Voltage Input Outputs 3.5 mm Jack Plug Operating Temperature 0 °C - 50°C Case Aluminum Alloy Dimensions 360 mm x 230 mm x 10 mm Weight 1390 g Included Joy-View 15 Display Smart Case 1.5m HDMI to mini-HDMI cable 1m Type-C to Type-C cable 1m USB-A to USB-C cable Power Adapter HDMI to mini HDMI adapter Cleaning Towel

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  • JOY-iT JDS6600 signaalgenerator & frequentieteller

    JOY-iT JOY-iT JDS6600 Signal Generator & Frequency Counter

    1 review

    The JDS6600 is a 2-channel signal generator that generates signals up to 60 MHz. With its different waveforms, such as sine, square, triangle, pulse, half-wave and many more, it can be used in all areas of measurement technology. In addition, a 1-channel frequency counter is integrated. With a frequency accuracy of ±20 ppm and stability of ±1 ppm/3 h, it offers excellent signal quality and flexibility. The 2.4' TFT color display also ensures optimum user-friendliness, resulting in a wide range of possible applications. Features 2-channel signal generator (60 MHz) 1-channel frequency counter (100 MHz) Signal forms: Sine, square, triangle, pulse, halfwave, noise, Lorenz pulse, exponential rise/fall, CMOS and more Specifications Frequency range (Sine) 0 - 60 MHz Frequency range (Square, Triangle) 0 - 15 MHz Frequency range (PWM, CMOS, TTL, Arbitrary) 0 - 6 MHz Min. Frequency Resolution 0.1 µHz Frequency accuracy ±20 ppm Frequency stability ±1 ppm / 3 h Display TFT color LCD Display size 2.4' Operating temperature & humidity T: 0 - 40 °C / H: < 80% Dimensions 194 x 178 x 69 mm Included 1x JOY-iT JDS6600 signal generator 2x BNC signal terminals 1x Power supply Downloads Communication Protocol Datasheet Manual Software

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  •  -15% JOY-iT 3-in-1 Handheld Oscilloscoop, Signaalgenerator en Multimeter (DMSO2D72)

    JOY-iT JOY-iT 3-in-1 Handheld Oscilloscope, Signal Generator and Multimeter (DMSO2D72)

    The JOY-iT DMSO2D72 is your ideal companion for the workshop and outdoor use. It combines a 2-channel oscilloscope, a signal generator for any wave type as well as a multimeter with 6 different measurement types in one device and serves all functions you expect from individual devices. JOY-iT has placed particular emphasis on simple, clear and practical handling in order to make work as pleasant as possible for the user. For this the DMSOD72 is equipped with a 'one-button' auto measuring function and a 'one-button' page out. In addition, 2 signals can be compared directly on the 2.8' 65K colour LCD display. The power supply is provided by two 18650 lithium batteries, which are included in the scope of supply and allow a continuous operation of one day as well as a standby time of up to 8 weeks. Furthermore, operation via the USB-C interface is also possible, during which the batteries are charged simultaneously. In order to protect the device perfectly in 'outdoor use', the DMSO2D72 was equipped with a silicone sheath, which offers protection against shocks, dirt and heat. The extensive and very user-friendly software is available in English, German and French and can be switched easily on the device. You will also be impressed by the PC software, which provides you with a multitude of functions with very high ease of use. General Specifications Display type 2.8' 64K color TFT-LCD Display resolution 320 x 240 Display settings Adjustable background brightness, backlight duration, auto power off time Protective case Silicon cover, good impact resistance, outstanding heat resistance, easy to disassemble Special features Mobile use through battery operation, 3-in-1 device (oscilloscope, signal generator, multimeter), 3 languages (German, English, French) Assembly / Stand function 45° suspension bracket Interface USB Type C for power/data Rechargeable battery 2x 16850 Lithium Charging current 5 V / 2 A Battery life In use: A full dayIn standby: Up to 8 weeks PC software Windows 7 and higher Operating temperature 0-50°C Dimensions 199 x 98 x 40 mm Weight 624 g Oscilloscope Channels 2 + DMM + AWG Bandwidth 70 MHz Sampling Rate 250 MSa/s Single channel125 MSa/s Dual channel Vertical resolution 10 mV - 10 V Automatic measurement of Frequency and amplitude Manual cursor measurement Voltage and time Output impedance (DC) 25 pF ±3 pF; 1 MΩ ±2% Maximum input voltage 150 V RMS Signal Generator Sampling rate 250 MSa/s Vertical resolution 12 bits Waveforms Sine, square, triangle, trapezoid, and many more Sine 1 Hz - 25 MHz Square 1 Hz - 10 MHz Triangle 1 Hz - 1 MHz Trapezoid 1 Hz - 5 MHz Frequency resolution 1 Hz Output impedance 50 Ω Digital Multimeter 6 Multimeter measuring modes Voltage, current, resistance, capacity, diode, on-off Max. resolution 4000 Counts Ranges Voltage 0 µV - 600 V DC0 mV - 600 V AC, 40-400 Hz Current 0 µA - 10 A Resistance 0 mΩ - 40 MΩ Capacity 0 pF - 100 µF Diode 0-2 V On-off <50 Ω Included JOY-iT 3-in-1 Handheld DMSO2D72 2 rechargeable batteries (18650, 2600 mAh) Passive 80 MHz Probe + accessories 2x BNC to crocodile clip coaxial cable 2x DMM test lead USB to USB-C cable USB power supply (5 V, 2 A) Downloads JT-DMSO2D72 Datasheet JT-DMSO2D72 PC Software 1.1.10 JT-DMSO2D72 Manual Flash Manual 28-07-2021 Flash Software Latest firmware version (08-06-2021)

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